Southern Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Southern Kitchen Remodeling Trends

It is widely believed that the kitchen is the heartbeat of any Southern home. Recognizable for its warmth, friendliness, and delicious food, the Southern kitchen is where the food is prepared, and people come together to share food and time. By the 21st century, a Southern kitchen design has evolved and adapted to the requirements of modern life while preserving the traditions and historical references of the region.

When selling a remodeled kitchen, it is essential to seek the help of Empower Home Team Houston, TX, to properly market and attract potential buyers for maximum return on investment.This guide will help you discover what is currently hot in the Southern kitchen remodeling and provide tips for the kitchen remodeling to make it as warm and stylish as possible.

Open Concept Layouts

Today’s kitchens are open to dining areas and sometimes even living areas. Today’s Southern kitchens are more or less similar to those of other regions; they are open to the living and dining areas. This layout makes the space look larger and more welcoming and enables interaction and entertainment to occur more quickly.

Contemporary households in the South also feature extensive kitchen islands used for cooking, eating, and mingling.

Contemporary Countryside Feel

Farmhouse style is still trendy in Southern kitchens, but the latest renovations pay homage to the iconic look with a contemporary twist. Shiplap walls, apron-front sinks, and reclaimed wood beams are iconic elements, while stainless steel appliances, minimalistic cabinets, and quartz countertops are more modern. Combining the new and the old gives a harmonious and attractive design.

Bold Backsplashes

Ceramic tile continues to be the most popular choice for kitchen backsplashes, but homeowners’ direction is brighter and bolder despite the Southern influence. Fancy,colourful tiles, geometrical patterns – a fabulous backsplash can turn a pretty plain kitchen into a true masterpiece.

Some of the best examples of materials are subway tiles in less conventional shades, hand-painted ceramics, and stone.

Sustainable and Local Materials

Today, sustainability has become a key trend in many Southern kitchen remodels, where people turn to environmentally friendly and locally sourced products.

Furniture made from recycled materials includes reclamation of wood, using glass counters, and efficient use of energy in appliances to give a special appearance to the kitchen. Purchasing locally helps establish a link between the kitchen and the people, a good concept to embrace.

Color Palette: Softer and Warmer Tones

White kitchens remain a trend, but there is a trend to darken and warm the colours in the kitchen. Light colors such as pastel, green and blue, and earth-like tones are gradually finding their way into the kitchens of the South to give them an inviting feel.

These materials are ideal to go with nature, and they can be accented with brighter shades in several pieces of hardware, textiles, and accessories.

Renovating an older Southern kitchen is about making the room more practical and efficient and adding modern elements to bring warmth and comfort to the house. These trends mirror changes in the social preferences and the ways of life of families in Southern states and apply the traditions of Southern hospitality and zest.

If you aim for a total kitchen makeover or only want to revise this vital area partially, these trends are practical guides towards attaining an aesthetically appealing and functional kitchen.


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