Kaz and Diana Dated and Related?

kaz and diana dated and related

Curious about Kaz and Diana dated and related? Discover if they dated and if there’s any relation between them in this intriguing blog post.

Netflix’s reality TV show, “Dated And Related,” received mixed reviews from viewers due to its heavily scripted and artificial feel. Despite this, many people were captivated by the peculiar dating concept, where siblings assist their brother or sister in finding a partner.

While the unconventional dating experiment yielded success for some cast members, the question remains: Are the finale couples from “Dated And Related” still together? Find out the answers about Kieran Bishop and Alara Taneri, Kaz Bishop and Diana Parsijani, and Daniel Perfetto and Nina Parsijani here.

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Couple Kaz & Diana Broke Up

Kaz and Diana, the couple who won the $100,000 prize on the show, claimed they were still together in an interview with Netflix’s publication Tudum.

Diana told Tudum, “he is funny, supportive, and has supported me from day one.” “I truly appreciate these traits in people. I have never encountered a man with such an exceptional heart.” 

Kaz and Diana dated and related mentioned their plan to go on a romantic tropical trip together in the interview. However, Kaz admitted that their relationship quickly fizzled once they left the French villa. During a recent interview on Reality TV with Will Njobvu, Kaz confessed that the winning couple last lasted since filming began last summer.

Kaz shifted in his seat and said, “We’re still talking. A lot happened.” Kaz discussed his relationship with Diana during the podcast interview with Will Njobvu. He said, “Unfortunately, we haven’t properly discussed or said anything.”

Kaz further explained, “So this is the thing. Then I proposed to her and told her I loved her. Everything was so intense. From day one, you’re constantly together. You meet a girl; you may even go to bed with them, get up with them, and sleep with them for three weeks flat. It’s dating 24/7. It becomes very intense, a lot to take in,” he says, describing his dating experience with Diana.

Kaz stated, “We were both open to it. I reassured her of the relationship’s security inside the villa, but it was a different story outside. There were more responsibilities—work, and family issues, especially with Kieran. These factors affected us, and we spent less time together. However, whenever we did meet, it was filled with love, and we stayed in touch. We never had a comprehensive discussion where we said, ‘This is where it ends.'” Kaz deliberately withheld specific details.

Afterward, he confirmed their split, stating, “I’m not dating anyone right now. I’ve interacted with girls and had conversations, but nothing serious has developed… Throughout the year, I’ve been focused on myself.” When pressed by the host, Kaz added, “We’re not together, but we’re anxious to see what the future holds.”

Interestingly, Diana’s TikTok and Instagram showed her and Kaz together again. They may be faking a relationship to maintain fan interest. So Kaz and Diana dated and related? No, they are not dating and are separated ways.

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Couple Kieran & Alara Broke Up

Kieran & Alara Dated

During the same interview, Kieran confessed his breakup with Alara after the show ended. He said, “Yeah, I’m single. In my situation, we had family issues, especially with our mother’s passing in 2020. We did the show, and when we returned, it was the first anniversary of her passing. The show consumed us so much that returning to real life was challenging. We were still grieving, so we prioritized spending time with them and our friends.”

Alara attends a fashion school in Herefordshire, British Columbia, three hours from Kieran in London. During her conversation with Tudum, Alara mentioned that her dating life has been going well since the show. She jokingly told Kieran that he’ll “have to take a ticket now” because of a long queue of interested suitors.

Kieran revealed, “There was a rocky period in the villa” when discussing his relationship with Nina. They went days without speaking, creating an awkward atmosphere for their fellow cast members. Kieran explained, “Seeing Nina and her sister descend the stairs felt right. It was a no-brainer for us. They captivated us right away, and we immediately clicked with them.” He also mentioned that pursuing the Parsijani twins made sense logistically since they all live in London.

Dated And Related Couple Nina & Daniel Allege 

The relationship between Nina and Daniel is even more artificial than Kaz and Diana’s post-show connection. Despite claiming to be together, they haven’t seen each other for a year.

Daniel expressed, “There hasn’t been a day where she hasn’t been on my mind since the show. Despite the long distance, we stay in contact almost daily—texting, FaceTiming, or on the phone. Since I met her, she has never failed to make me laugh, and it feels right, making it fun and easy to talk to her.”

Nina added, ” I’m glad it’s finally here. It’s still there, and I miss him a lot. Can’t wait to reunite!” However, Daniel and Nina couldn’t commit enough to visit each other by plane. Interestingly, Daniel flew down to hang out in LA recently, making their supposedly strong relationship sound like a fishy fraud.

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Other Dated And Related Cast Hang Out A Lot

Although not a romance during the villa, it appears that Lothario Chris Hahn and ” I’m saving myself to marry ” Corrina Roppo might have feelings for each other. They spent much time together in LA with brother Joey Roppo, cousin Jason Cohen, Daniel, and his sister Julia. The group has been posting many photos together on social media. They played beach volleyball, hung out at someone’s place, ate sushi, and worked together.

Another Dated And Related cast member, Lily Bajor, found true love and has been in a relationship since the show was filmed. Lily, who was voted out early in the show, shared with Tudum, “After the show, Mady and I decided to take a girl’s trip through Europe. As wingman, we helped each other find love! She helped me find someone who checks all my boxes.


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