Is Jimmy Butler Related to Michael Jordan? NBA Fans Are Dying to Know

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Whether you’re a basketball fan or simply love Space Jam, Michael Jordan is a name that everyone knows. This former NBA player has put his mark on the sport, so much so that there’s a Netflix series dedicated to him.

Jordan is often called “the greatest basketball player of all time,” a title that very few players have come close to living up to. He’s worth a whopping $1.7 billion, and even though he’s long retired, his legend lives on and off the court. 

Then there’s Jimmy Butler, another pro baller who was first drafted in 2011. The similarities in game style and appearance between Butler and Jordan have people wondering: Is Jimmy Butler related to Michael Jordan? 

Let’s compare these basketballers and find out if they’re related!

Who Is Michael Jordan?

Is Jimmy Butler Related to Michael Jordan?

Born in 1963 in Brooklyn, Jordan has been playing basketball since he could walk. He played college basketball at the University of North Carolina for three seasons, and he started his professional career in 1984 for the Chicago Bulls. 

MJ’s Athletic Career

Jordan was a huge part of the global popularization of basketball in the 1980s and 90s. Throughout his career, he played 15 seasons and won 6 NBA championships with the Bulls.

The world was shocked when MJ gave up basketball in 1993 to play Minor League Baseball instead. Luckily, he transitioned back to his calling in ’95 and went on to win 3 of his 6 NBA championship titles.

He then retired again in ’99 but came back for another two seasons after a few years with the Washington Wizards. 

Over the course of his athletic career, MJ didn’t just stick to NBA games. He was also selected for the US national team and competed in the Olympics, where he won 4 gold medals.

Other Accomplishments

Michael Jordan’s basketball career may be over, but he now wears the hat of a businessman (figuratively). He is the main owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. MH even owns a large portidon of NASCAR’s 23XI Racing.

All in all, MJ is more than a basketball star; he’s a cultural icon. 

Who Is Jimmy Butler?

Unlike MJ, you might not be familiar with Jimmy Butler if you’re not a basketball fan. But if you are, you’ll definitely know this guy as the 6’7″ powerhouse of the Miami Heat

Butler has come a long way, especially considering his past. He wasn’t raised in a loving home, and he didn’t even have a roof over his head for a portion of his childhood. 

When he was 13, young Butler was kicked out of the house by his mother. Even so, he has been able to overcome, and he now holds 6 NBA All-Stars.

Are Jimmy Butler and Michael Jordan Related?

Regardless of the similarities in appearance and basketball skills, Jordan and Butler aren’t actually related. Even so, people are still convinced, and here’s why…

Apparently, MJ had an alleged child outside of his marriage. The rumors are that he paid off the mother to keep quiet in order to keep his marriage intact. When he stopped payments, the mother kicked the young boy out on the streets.

People seem to think that this young boy was, in fact, Jimmy Butler. While the story is, without-a-doubt an interesting one, there’s no actual proof. Plus, the timeline for these events doesn’t line up with Jimmy Butler’s bout with homelessness. 

So, to answer your question, no, there is no official relation between Butler and Jordan.


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