Is Daniel Gillies Related to Elizabeth Gillies?

Daniel Gillies may not be a name you’re familiar with, but you’ll definitely recognize his face. This Canadian-New Zealand actor has landed roles in The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, True Blood, and much more. 

Elizabeth Gillies, an established actress and singer, has been active on-screen since 2005. With the same surname and similar good looks, you might be wondering, is Daniel Gillies related to Elizabeth Gillies?

Keep reading to find out more about these celebs and and whether or not they’re family.

All About Daniel Gillies

Daniel Gillies was born in 1976 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His parents, originally from New Zealand, decided to head back to their homeland when Daniel was 5. 

He spent most of his childhood and teenage years in NZ but eventually moved to LA due to the lack of opportunities as a Kiwi actor.

Daniel had a rocky start in Los Angeles and worked as a waiter and dishwasher to make ends meet. Luckily, he caught his American acting break in the film Bride and Prejudice, and then Spider-Man 2 shortly after. 

He takes roles in both America and Canada, sometimes at the same time. It goes without saying that he has racked up a fair amount of Skymiles going back and forth between the US and up north. 

You Might Think He’s Got a Thing for Vampires…

Take a look at his main roles over the years and it’s clear that Dan Gillies has a serious thing for vamps.

The role he’s most known for is Elijah Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries. Then he played in The CW spinoff, The Originals. He also took a minor role in HBO’s True Blood in 2010. 

But it’s not just vampires Daniel gravitates towards. He loves all things supernatural, mythological, and historical. That explains why he signed contracts for roles under these titles: 

  • Young Hercules
  • Cleopatra 2525
  • Pleasantville
  • Mentors
  • Masters of Horror

Who Is Elizabeth Gillies?

Elizabeth Gillies was born in 1993 in Haworth, New Jersey. She got her big break at a very young age as Jade West in Nickelodeon’s Victorious. Before that, she had made her Broadway debut in the musical 13. 

Since her teenage years, Elizabeth has done some serious acting as well as singing. She took a leading role in the FX comedy series Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll as well as The CW’s Dynasty. 

Her Singing Career

In addition to acting, Elizabeth is a musical powerhouse. She sang alongside Ariana Grande in Give It Up and even collaborated with Seth MacFarlane.

Although she’s definitely considered an impressive singer, Elizabeth’s main focus has always been on her acting career. She’s primarily recognized for teen-oriented sitcoms and dramas, like:

  • Victorious
  • iCarly
  • Big Time Rush
  • Winx Club
  • The Clique

Is Daniel Gillies Related to Elizabeth Gillies?

Now back to the question at hand – are Daniel and Elizabeth related? Perhaps Dan is Elizabeth’s father, or at the very least, a distant cousin. 

Elizabeth was born in the US to her parents Lorrie and Dave Gillies. Daniel, on the other hand, was born in Canada, but his parents hail from New Zealand. Both are invested in their acting careers, but that’s about all they have in common (aside from the same last name). 

The answer is NO, Daniel and Elizabeth aren’t related in any way. Sure, they do share some similarities in their acting styles, but that’s about it.


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