What Industries Use Rivet Shelving?

Have you heard of rivet shelving? Even if you’re unfamiliar with the name, you’ve most likely seen it. It’s a type of storage system you’ll often see in an industrial facility that consists of metal frames and shelves secured by rivets. This convenient type of shelving is durable and easy to maintain. Here are some industries where you’ll likely see this type of storage.


Food and beverage industry professionals must store several types of products in the same area. These products may contain bottled or canned beverages, dry goods, ingredients, and packing materials. Rivet shelves can accommodate various sizes, shapes, and weights of such items. It also makes it easy to maintain an even temperature that can secure a healthy shelf life and reduce humidity.


Attractively displaying merchandise, whether it’s clothing, shoes, or other accessories appeals to customers. Customers and workers should clearly see what is available and easily access it. In other words, you don’t want a customer or staff member to go through several different boxes and packaging to find something they’re looking for. Using this type of shelving in the front or back of the store makes it easy for everyone.


The automotive industry involves several moving parts. Whether you’re dealing with an auto repair shop, tire shop, or production facility, items such as tires, tools, and other car parts need to be stored properly. They must be placed in an organized and accessible way, so other professionals can quickly gather what they need. Using rivet shelving also allows them to have a proper type of storage that can withstand heavy loads that come with auto parts.


The healthcare industry has to handle supplies, drugs, medical equipment, and surgical tools. These items must be clearly labeled and in a secure location. Those in the medical industry must also deal with safety regulations and health precautions. Rivet shelving makes it easy to comply with regulations while making these highly fragile items easily accessible.


A warehouse can be an enormous place to work. Some warehouses may have several different departments, such as an Amazon warehouse or another delivery facility. With rivet shelving, it’s easy for warehouse workers to have optimized space to move around in. It allows them to stack items as high as possible while being within safety regulations. Proper inventory is a must in any warehouse since there are many items to track. This type of shelving makes it easier to do inventory management.

Rivet racks are a great way to store and keep track of your items. Whether you have a business or a large personal storage facility, the right shelving can make it easier to store and keep products or personal items safe. Contact us for more information.


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