How to Find the Right Lawyers for Child Custody Cases

How to Find the Right Lawyers for Child Custody Cases

There are now over 58,000 family law and divorce lawyer businesses in the US. If you’re about to pursue a custody case, you need one family law attorney you can trust. It could take you months to vet your options if you don’t have a plan.

Instead, use these tips to find the best lawyers for child custody cases. Using these criteria can narrow down your attorney selection. Read on to learn more!  

Review Lawyer Qualifications

Consider each lawyer’s education and training to determine if they have the proper lawyer qualifications. To become a family law attorney, they likely:

  • Received a Bachelor’s degree
  • Took the LSAT
  • Attended law school
  • Received a Juris Doctor Law Degree
  • Passed the MPRE
  • Passed the Bar Exam

Confirm that each lawyer on your list is licensed to practice in the state. Consider how long they’ve practiced family law locally. 

These lawyers will have a better understanding of jurisdiction laws and local procedures. 

Consider Their Level of Legal Expertise

Determine how long each lawyer has specialized in family law. Ask how many custody battles they pursue each year.

Their experience can speak to their level of legal expertise. Determine if they’ve pursued cases similar to yours. For example, perhaps the child isn’t yours biologically.

Look for a family law attorney with years of relevant experience. They’ll use their previous cases to strengthen your legal strategy. 

Request Client Reviews

Ask for references and check online for client reviews. Look for a lawyer with a strong, established reputation.

They’ll likely stake that reputation on their services. These lawyers will fight harder with your best interests in mind. 

Schedule a Case Evaluation

Schedule a case evaluation with two or three local lawyers. Prepare a list of questions you want to ask beforehand. 

Discuss the lawyer’s last custody case. What was the outcome? What legal strategy did they use?

Discuss the details surrounding your case during your legal consultation appointment. The lawyer shouldn’t use a cookie-cutter approach when pursuing your case.

Instead, they should customize their legal strategy based on your needs and goals. You can read more about child custody options here.

Ask the attorney how many cases they’re currently working on. Make sure they won’t pass your case off to someone else. Choose an attorney who can dedicate time and attention to your case. 

Compare Fees

Ask three lawyers about their fee structure. For example, will you pay a retainer or hourly rate?

Compare fees between these lawyers to determine if one is overcharging. A lawyer may charge a higher price based on their previous casework or experience level.

Ask each lawyer for a copy of their contract. Make sure to review it before signing an agreement. 

Find Lawyers for Child Custody Cases

Don’t rush to choose lawyers for child custody cases. Instead, do your due diligence. Use these tips to evaluate your options to find an experienced, qualified attorney.

With their help, you can ensure a better outcome for your custody case.

Searching for more helpful tips and guides? You’re on the right blog! Explore our latest Law articles today for more useful advice. 


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