4 Things You Must Know When Moving into a New Home 

Things You Must Know When Moving into a New Home 

There’s no shortage of tasks to complete when you’re moving to a new property, especially if you’re selling and buying homes as opposed to renting. Selling or buying a property is associated with lots of legal documentation, background checks, and financial exchanges.

Regardless of whether you’re moving locally or relocating to a distant town or city, you will need to be organised to ensure you don’t miss any important and necessary steps. You’ll need to understand the legalities of moving homes (including local and national laws) and your personal responsibilities.

Below, we have covered four important things you need to know when you’re moving to a new home.

Choose a Reliable Moving Company

Finding a reliable and trusted courier, such as Alberta Strong Movers, makes moving homes simple.

A great team of home movers will ensure your belongings are packed securely into the moving van to prevent damage and breakages. They will aid in every step of the moving process, including packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.

Arrange a moving date and pick-up time with your chosen movers. Inform them of any particularly fragile or important items so they know to treat these things with extra care and caution.

Organise Your Paperwork

When you’re selling and buying homes, you will need to sign two separate contracts, which are legally binding. These contracts confirm the exchange of property ownership and will be provided by your chosen solicitor.

Similarly, if you are moving from one rental property to another, you will need to sign a release contract for your existing home and a new rental agreement for the property you’re moving into. These documents may be provided by the estate agent or directly from the landlord.

Keeping your paperwork organised ensures you don’t lose any essential documents during the moving process. It’s a good idea to keep two copies of your legal documents, including one physical and one digital copy.

Get New Keys Cut

As soon as you move into a new property, you should get new keys cut, including keys to the front and back doors, and the windows. You never know who has a set of keys for the existing locks and, therefore, who has access to your property.

Getting new keys cut means only you (and anybody you give a set of keys to) can access your property, keeping you, your family, and your belongings safe. Key-cutting services are inexpensive but could save you a lot of money down the line by preventing burglaries.

Purchase Home Insurance

If you’re purchasing the property you’re moving into, you must arrange home insurance as soon as possible. Home insurance protects you following unexpected events, such as fires, natural disasters, loss, and theft.

Make sure to choose a policy that suits your needs and preferences. You might wish to add contents insurance, which offers more extensive protection for your personal belongings, including expensive appliances and technological devices.


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