Moving Into Your New Home? These 4 Things Are A Must

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Buying a new home is exciting. It’s your years of saving up finally yielding results, and you will no longer have to remember temporary addresses. However, that’s all the happy side of the story. 

The other side of moving into your own living space involves getting it checked for leaks and termite infestations and making practical modifications to your home by working with an interior designer. This way, the house finally starts feeling like a home—your home, to be more specific. Here are the services you must get before moving into your new home:

Do a complete walk-through of your home

Moving into your new home is a long process where you might be required to visit the property multiple times over the course of time. Once the house become finally yours, do a complete walk-through of the property to identify:

  • If the interior design works are completed and they align with everything you had discussed.
  • If the property has everything that was mentioned during the sale.
  • Every outlet, including switches, fixtures, doors, and windows, is working properly.
  • The heating and cooling systems have their vents cleaned, and these systems are in proper working order.
  • You have access to all maintenance guides and warranties that are properly signed and cover products duly.
  • The house has been cleaned properly, and the kitchen counters have no grime, dirt, dust, or water stains.
  • The garden area or the lawn is in good condition and has been trimmed to be minimal maintenance by the time you move in and settle down.
  • Check if the taps in the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor areas are leak-free and working.
  • If your home is a pre-loved one, make sure the previous owners have fixed all the issues discussed and everything is in proper working condition.
  • If the locks to the main door and other rooms have been changed and your new keys are working

Making sure the utilities are working correctly

Setting up and ensuring your utilities are working correctly is essential before you move in. This will ensure that you have one less thing to worry about and can get started with doing minimal tasks while your belongings are still packed. Once you have moved in completely, check the gas, electricity, water, thermostat, and internet are all working. 

You have scheduled all the checks and repair works

Whether it is a routine check for pests or a complete roof inspection, make sure these are scheduled in advance for the next six months to one year. These inspections are an effective way to ensure your home is safe and there are no dangers secretly slipping through the cracks. 

Additionally, services from companies like Kelly Propane for example, can help with maintaining vital parts of your home, such as your propane tank and heating system. These services are important obviously, but especially if your home is a pre-loved one that has existing wear and tear which needs to be closely monitored. In the event you decide to fit a brand new system, these same services can likely be helpful.

Moreover, knowing that everything is working properly, you can plan your budget accordingly and take precautionary measures early on than taking them in advance, the pricier stage. 

Deep-clean your living space before moving in

Deep cleaning of your living space is crucial to ensuring you are moving into a clean, hygienic, and safe environment. This becomes important if you have kids or pets as they have a tendency to be their carefree selves at all times and might end up licking the floors or picking off something and putting it in their mouth. However, deep cleaning your home can become a tangled mess if you are strategic about it. Here is a quick way to organize the deep clean:

  • Clean the ceiling fans, shelving, overhead lighting fixtures, and other features close to the ceiling that are prone to grime and dirt, as are other furniture and floors.
  • Clean the fridge next. Sanitize the storage space properly by using food-safe cleaning products. Alternatively, you can use equal parts water and vinegar to get rid of tough stains and odor. 
  • Clean kitchen elements next. This includes the stovetop, oven and microwave, dishwasher, and lastly, the sink. The countertops come next. 
  • Next, clean the bathroom, including sanitizing the toilet paper holder, light switches, water stains, faucets, and door handles.
  • Clean the rest of the house, then.

Parting words

Getting your home ready for the move day is exciting, nerve-wracking, and stressful. However, properly preparing for the move and ensuring the property is ready for the new occupants can significantly lower the stress. 

It will also help you manage any missed last-minute changes or repairs. Moving into your new home should be a memorable experience, and these checks ensure you are ready for it. 


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