The Power of Web Design Transforms User Experiences

Whether people are browsing for work, leisure, hunting for retail opportunities or fun life experiences, website design is critically important in attracting and retaining users. This is especially true when it comes to highly competitive fields, such as online casinos, where a poorly designed website can rapidly turn off a user who may end up going elsewhere.

To this extent, there’s no dividing line between style and substance, as part of the appeal is how pleasant the experience of using the website is. Color schemes, logos, mobile support, and international optimization are all major aspects of creating a great online casino.

Appealing Design with International Features

Many online casinos and other websites deliberately seek users from countries across the globe. Good translations made by native speakers is the best way to ensure the correct meanings are transferred from one language to another. Testing out a website with users in a given locality is another sensible measure to ensure there are no problems.

Sometimes, altering images or suchlike might be a good idea either to avoid giving offense or simply because the meaning behind something might not transfer neatly between cultures. For websites such as online casinos that involve depositing and withdrawing money, having a broad selection of banking methods that cover numerous countries is a prudent step. A firm expanding into Canada may wish to add Interac to supported methods while enabling the use of iDEAL online banking, which will be helpful when trying to get Dutch players on board.

From the colors and logo to mobile support and languages/banking systems for an international audience, having a well-designed website is essential for any business seeking success.

Canadian Casinos with Best Designs

Online casino gaming is even easier to access in Canada now, thanks to some recent legal changes that have made it possible to grow domestic casino marketplaces (a fact Ontario has already taken advantage of to increase provincial revenues). Increased competition is only good for Canadian players as this drives up the quality of sites, from games to bonuses. In the design sphere, this means the top legal casino sites in Canada have to keep pace with the competition at least and ensure navigation is slick, text is clear, and mobile support is top notch.

Finding the foremost legal online casinos can be done by searching oneself. Still, a swifter means is to benefit from’s viewpoint and conclusion to narrow down the selection and pick the casinos that are the best designed. For now, Lucky Days, Joker Casino, Bizzo and TonyBet has the most fun and appealing designs that attract new players on a daily basis.

Complementary Color Scheme

Colors should be considered when it comes to web design for online casinos. Any site that combines a bright white background with tiny, pale grey text is not exactly inviting to a prolonged playing session. Having a color scheme that is easy on the eyes is essential, and there’s a reason why many websites and apps offer a dark/night mode that has a grey background to reduce eye strain. The right degree of contrast is also important. If a user has to highlight text to read it because there’s too much similarity to the background that’s a sure sign that one or both colors need changing.

 A common approach is to adopt complementary colors that have good contrast. However, a little research is always wise. For many people, red and green are nicely contrasting but red-green colorblindness affects around 8% of men and 0.5% of women. Blue-yellow colorblindness affects around 1% of men and women. One possibility here is to have differing values (a darker blue and lighter yellow) to increase contrast, and another good option generally is enabling customization of the color scheme. That way, players at an online casino can adjust the site to their preference, whether that’s avoiding colorblind problems or to make the appearance more to their taste.

 Logos, Mascots, and Themes

While not essential, many websites, including online casinos, like to have something extra to help them stand out from the crowd, which can often come in the form of a logo, mascot, or theme. Some are obvious and have been used extensively, such as the American bald eagle or the British bulldog, and the imagery of the Roaring 20s fits perfectly with wagering as well.

This theme should tie in with the website’s overall design, and any associated logo should stand out. It’s also important not to have any glaring errors in either artistic terms or application (for example, an American bald eagle plus the Stars and Stripes makes sense, but if a website uses those yet does not enable betting in USD, then that’s startlingly incongruous).

Easy Navigation and Interface 

A point so obvious it almost need not be made is that having a sensible, efficient, and intuitive design when it comes to navigation and the user interface is vital. If it’s taking eight clicks to get to games, then a casino website could be better designed. This also means players, and potential players, are going to get justifiably annoyed and may take their business elsewhere.

Clearly presented information, a site map, and FAQs can all be useful for specific concerns and as a general principle, a website should be effortless to navigate, especially if it’s focused on a leisure activity. Nobody wants to struggle to get through a poorly designed website, and with so many casinos online there’s no reason to settle for one that’s a chore to navigate.

Mobile Optimization

Many of the ways in which Canadian casinos aspire to be well-designed are similar to other types of website, from real estate to retail because the aims overlap to a large extent (clearly conveying information, encouraging the browser to continue viewing and so on). One area that applies across the board is optimizing mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets.

This can come in the form of having a website (and, for casinos, individual games) designed to work seamlessly on mobile and apps for popular OS such as Android and iOS. Mobile browsing is increasingly popular, and with around $170bn spent each year on apps, their appeal is pretty plain to see.

Most modern casinos work flawlessly on mobile devices, with many also offering apps. In addition, all modern games, including live dealer tables, can be played easily on a smartphone or tablet.


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