5 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

5 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

How to Add Value to Your Home?

There are many factors that influence the value of your home. While you can’t control variables such as the local housing market or the state of the global economy, there are improvements you can make to your home that will go a long way in increasing its worth.

These improvements can range from extensive and expensive home improvements to simple inexpensive upgrades. Below, we take a look at some ideas for how to add value to your home that you can try.

5 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value:

1.    Add to the livable square footage of your home

One of the most effective ways to increase home value is by increasing the usable square footage of your house. In the real estate industry, the greater the living space, the higher the value of the property.

There are many ways you can add to the living space in your home. An extra bathroom will not only increase living space but also the function and value of your home. An in-law suite is a feature that many people seek in their dream homes, making your home even more desirable in the market. 

2.    Give your home a fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint can completely change the look and feel of your home. Both interior and exterior painting can help to make your home look brighter and better maintained adding to its value. Interior painting can help to make your home look more up to date. Exterior painting will enhance the curb appeal of your home and help protect exterior surfaces.

While the cost of both interior and exterior painting can range from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars, the returns will be much more in terms of the value of your home. 

3.    Replace Your Exterior Doors

Another great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home is by updating your front door. Replacing that old ugly door has the added advantage of improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Replacing your door with a solid mahogany door or a modern steel door will dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home. Both your neighbors and prospective buyers will be impressed.

4.    Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the first places buyers explore when visiting prospective homes. Updating your kitchen is therefore one of the best ways to increase home value. It can also help to improve your kitchen’s function and the feel of your home.

Updates to the kitchen can cost a lot of money. The average kitchen renovation costs about $80,000. However, the return on your investment will be high.

When updating the kitchen, it is important to ask ‘what adds value to a home?’ Minor remodels such as installing new hardware for kitchen cabinets can still have an impact on your home’s value while saving money.

5.    Clean and Declutter Your Home

Cleaning and decluttering your home is inexpensive but can have a big impact on the value, function and feel of your home. For example, pressure washing your home can freshen up the look of your home and boost its curb appeal. Cleaning windows and other surfaces can also have a dramatic impact on the look and value of your home.

At Cascade Window Cleaning, we provide professional services for window cleaning and pressure washing in Bonney Lake, WA. We can help you restore the gleam to your home and while adding value to your home without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for the best ways to increase your home’s value, try some or even all of the tips above. 


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