25 Simple Nail Designs That Are Easy To Do

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Maybe some of you like simple nail designs. A simple design but full of creativity. If so, then you might be interested in the 25 nail designs that we have here. These designs are simple and suitable for those of you who don’t really like complicated things.

In addition, you can also do it yourself if you want. This collection of designs is 25 easy nail designs to do if you are a beginner in the art of decorating nails.

1. Blue Swirl

simple nail designs

Nail design is quite simple. You just color your nails with a light blue color. Meanwhile, from the artistic side, you can add dark blue curved lines.

2. Open Space Swirl and French Tips

Open Space Swirl and French Tips

This simple nail design basically has an elegant green-blue base. So if you want to make this nail design, you can simply draw two medium-sized bubbles.

3. Simple French Tips and Swirls

This design is quite simple. You can simply draw chic with classic French tips and add a trendy swirl design.

4. Long Tip French Tips

This design was made if you like French Tips nails. This type is usually made with a tip that ends at the beginning of the nail. However, with a few finishing touches, it slightly extends at one end.

5. Just A Black Line

Add something unique to your white French tip by adding a straight line of black paint running down the middle.

6. Little Brown Hearts

Little Brown Hearts

You can draw a heart on your nail via the dotting tool. This tool can easily create a heart image of any size you want.

7. V-Shaped French Tips

This design is made for those of you who like sharp and clean designs. This nail set has a new modern look to your usual French tips. Would you give it a try?

8. Golden Lines

This French Tip look offers futuristic art to your beautiful nails.

9. Up And Down French Tips

This turquoise nail set looks cute and quite simple.

10. Multi-Colored Swirls

This nail design features complimentary swirling lines. And then, the result is a design that is both pleasing to the eye and elegant.

11. Burnt Orange Flowers

Besides hearts, flowers are also images that you can make using the dotting tool. Then, you can try a pretty orange floral style with a touch of French Tips on one nail.

12. A Simple Double French Tip Design

A Simple Double French Tip Design

This design emphasizes a clean and simple concept. You can add a half-moon line with gold nail polish for an elegant yet simple look.

13. White Leopard Design

cute simple nails

This nail set is quite diverse. One nail is in pink ombre, two in light white, and the other with a cool leopard print.

14. Partial Tips

Partial Tips nail design

Instead of fully painting your nails with French Tip, try to do it only partially.

15. Double Color Elongated Tips

The principle is to mix two colors on the tips of your French Tip nails. Draw a diagonal line on your nail and fill it with one color. Then, make another diagonal line on the other side and use a different color.

16. French Tips With Negative Style

Another design from French Tip. But this time, there is an added twist. The focus lies in the outline of the french tips.

17. A Little French Dot With French Tips

It seems that French Tips are the most widely used designs on this list. Because French Tips are easier to draw and have interesting patterns and remain elegant to the eye. Such a beautiful red nail design. This looks like a typical French Tip, but you can add a red dot at the bottom of the nail.

18. Black Dot And A Gold Line

Using the dotting tool, make small circle dots. It doesn’t need to be neat and orderly, nor does the circle you make need to be perfect to make it look more natural. Then draw a golden line in the vertical center on the surface of the nail. Also, you can draw your own or use masking tape as an aid.

19. Black Curved Design

Black Curved nail Design

This design has a wave motif or maybe more like a motif on a cow. Also, you can draw this design using the dotting tool. Then, draw two large dots that are close together and draw a line using nail polish from one point to another with a soft curved line.

20. Starry Brown Tips

The basis of this design is again French Tips but this time using brown color. After that, grab some white paint, and here comes the fun part. In addition, you can add sparkling stars interspersed with very cute little white dots.

21. Simple Heart Nail Design

Simple Heart Nail Design

This time, it’s a very simple nail design. Make a small heart in the middle and draw a straight line across it. Quite simple but interesting to try, right?

22. White Squiggles

You can make this design using a brush. If you notice, it’s more like a random doodle in your notebook. Try using this design, and you will find the similarity of the design with the swirl design model.

23. Little Black Plants

Drawing flowers on nails may require a little skill and precision. Try to make thin, clean lines first. And then the result will look neater and more beautiful.

24. A Stripe Of Negative Space

Previously, the negative space on the nails lay in most of the way, but this time the nail designs are different. Negative space is located on a curved line that is opposite to the smile curve.

25. Curvy Gold Tips

The shape is similar to the previous curvy. Where you can form a black arch in any part. But in this gold color, the arch at the tip of the nail looks more luxurious and attractive.


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