Coffin White Tip Nail Designs – 20 Ideas

French Tips

Coffin White Tip Nail Designs are very popular types of nail style these days. The classic design usually features a bright pink or nude color with a glossy white tip. Over time, this style of nails displays a more modern and soft color.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the 20 best French coffin nail styles, especially for you. Also, we chose the coffin style because it looks cool, is easy to wear, and looks great on both long and short nails. So what are you waiting for? Take a look below. And you will find nail designs that are luxurious, elegant, and look modern.

1. French Tip Nails With Butterflies

Coffin White Tip Nail Designs

Because basically, French Tip Nails have a white base color, then you can decorate it with any image. For example, you can add a cute butterfly image. As seen in the picture, you can add 1 or 2 butterfly stickers. This design is a good design, and you try it. You can buy cute nail stickers in online stores. Are you interested in trying it?

2. Simple French Tip Coffin Nails

This design is quite simple, and you can try it yourself at home. What you need to prepare in the form of a coffin on the nails with a medium size. Use nude colors with a white tip. This design is easy to use and looks beautiful. Besides, for a base color other than nude, you can also use pink.

3. Glitter Clip Coffin Nails

The design this time may not be as simple as the first three designs. This nail design will be perfect for you to take to special occasions such as weddings. The idea is to create a nude base color with a glossy finish that looks luxurious. Finally, add rhinestones to your four nails.

4. French V Tips

The next design is still the same as the simple, clean white French Tip Nails design. However, the difference lies in the shape of the nail polish, which is made like the letter V. You can do it in nude or white colors.

So there is no fundamental difference regarding the shape of the nails but only changing the pattern of the paint. You can do this on all of your fingernails or some of them.

5. Glitzy Coffin Nails With French Tips

If you like nail designs that look luxurious, then this design is for you. The idea is to make some nails have pure white tips. Then, leave one nail on each hand with a white base color combined with a silver shimmer. Decorate these two nails with a small rhinestone.

This design can also be used as nails on special occasions. If you are bored with silver, use another color with a shiny color note.

6. Elegant Nail Design

One other style that you can use as an alternative to French Tips is French ombre. The nude and light white colors are still the same, but there are major differences between the two models. French ombre combines color gradations that are more natural than creating contrasting lines.

And it looks absolutely amazing. This mani features a coffin nail design mix of tip-chic French ombre paired with a glossy, luxurious silver finish.

7. Bold Blue Tips

If the white color may be ordinary, you can try a light blue color that looks more daring. The idea is the same to make a long coffin nail model with a nude color, but you make a blue color at the tip of the nail. However, one nail makes a more crowded pattern. With this, you still get a chic yet elegant French look. Are you interested in making this cute design?

8. French Tips With Cherries

This design is a cute summer design. As usual, you only need to make a coffin nail model with nude color and a white tip. As the main decoration, you can add a fresh and fun image of red cherries. You can make this cherry image using red rhinestones. Add green leaf decorations using a brush. You can buy red rhinestones and thin brushes in online stores.

9. Long Nail With V Tips

Nails with a v model seem to be very popular. You can also use a v model combined with a coffin nail model with a wide and long size. The trick is just to paint with a nude color on all parts of the nail, then shape the letter v with the help of masking tape if you decorate it yourself. And then, paint the fill of the letter v with a light white color.

10. French Tips With Yellow Gritter

After blue, we have another fresh color idea. First, you make all your nails with French coffin nails as usual. Leave one nail to decorate this model. The one remaining nail you can color with bright yellow color and decorated with a little silver shimmer. The yellow color was chosen because it looks together with the nude and white colors on the other nails. However, if you don’t like yellow, you can make another color.

11. French Tips With Glitter Art

After many French Tip nail models, you may find that you prefer the ombre model. If yes, then try to see this one model. The idea is to make the nails nude color and white tips.

Decorate some of your nails with a splash of sparkling silver. Then you can decorate the rest of the nails with a calm French ombre model. This design is one of the best ombre models that you can try.

12. French Tips And Marbles

Compared to the plain and same coffin white tip nail designs on all nails, the art of decorating one nail differently seems to be in vogue. One of them is the art of designing nails with patterns like marble. The marble pattern will give the impression of luxury and expensive. Add glitter, gold, or other shiny colors for a glamorous and trendy look. You can simply draw this pattern on one nail only.

13. Short Coffin Nails With Rhinestones

Then we have another simple model design. You can make a French tip with a short size with nude color and a white tip as usual. However, leave one nail to add rhinestone decorations of various colors. If possible, you can leave this particular nail longer. This design is suitable for all types of coffin-style nails.

14. Super Long French Tip Coffin Nails

Then the next idea about a coffin complete with a bold model of french tip classic. Furthermore, you can easily make a larger version of these coffin nails. Complete the design by using nude color and you are done. But wait there’s more if you want. Some people like painting their nails in pure white. All in all, this design is beginner-friendly and can be easily customized.

15. White And Gold Coffin Nails

In addition to silver, the gold color will also look harmonious with the Coffin French Tips model. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this. The idea is to make several nails in the usual color. One nail has a bright gold French tip. Then one last nail using a cool gold ombre model. The gold color is a symbol of luxury and looks glamorous. The result will look very beautiful and stunning.

16. French Tips With Hearts

With the help of rhinestones, you can make your nails shinier. In this model, you can make all nails except for one French Tips model with rhinestones in it. Leave one clear nail for the cute silver heart sticker. You can check out heart pictures for more inspiration in case you’re looking for something new or unique. This design is great for a romantic evening on Prom Night or other fun occasions such as a wedding or a warm Valentine’s Eve.

17. White Coffin Nails With Gold

We also have designs with models that are lively and look very luxurious. This is a French tip model with a gold center line. The other nails are decorated with gold rhinestones, and the other nails are left white. Add one more nail with a luxurious gold diamond ornament. These rhinestones are commonly found in online stores. Glue this rhinestone gently using nail glue.

18. White And Glitter Tips

coffin white tip nail designs with glitter

One of the most popular coffin white tip nail designs with shiny and sparkling colors. You can make the French Tip model as usual with nude and white colors. However, give the two nails a silver color to replace the tips with white. The goal is to give the impression of luxurious chic but not overdone. Besides silver, you can use other colors according to your taste.

19. Pretty Coffin Nail Design

Our final design has a unique yet elegant pattern. The idea is to make coffin nails with long French Tips. Make a V model on the ends. Then leave two nails with nude colors and give rhinestone decorations arranged in a beautiful row.

20. White And Rhinestones French Tip Coffin Nails

white tip nail designs

This design is the same as the v model design with Coffin’s large nail size. In addition, you can add a luxurious rhinestone ornament. The classic French color gives a chic impression, and the additional diamond decoration gives the impression of luxury.

This highly contrasting alloy is one that we love. In addition to the v model, you can also use a model with a straight line as an alternative.

Have you found coffin white tip nail designs? Please let us know!


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