Signs That Your Electrical System is Aging

Signs That Your Electrical System is Aging

Did you just buy a home or have you lived in it for a bit? While your electrical system might be working fine at the moment, it could be almost at the end of its lifespan. That can be dangerous, since it could become overloaded and possibly cause an electrical fire.

You might want to look up home rewiring services in your area, but before you do, you should know some of the signs that your electrical system is aging.

Your Light Switches Are Hot to the Touch

You might not notice anything when you turn on a light in your room, but if it feels hot when you turn the light off, that means that something is overloading the wiring. While there are usually scant amounts of heat being generated as the power flows, the older electrical system can’t handle it, especially if it was installed poorly.

If you don’t have this looked at, then the whole thing can continue wearing down and eventually cause an electrical fire, which is extremely dangerous.

Your Outlets Are Broken, Charred, or Discolored

While there are certain things that can just make your outlet look dirty, like dust, grease, and grime, it’s easy to wipe those things off. On the other hand, if you see signs of charring or soot, then that means that there has already been fire activity behind your walls. That’s when you need to get a technician to come do some rewiring so that the damage can’t grow.

Your Circuit Breakers Are Always Tripping

Are you always having your circuit breaker go off? It can be annoying, especially when you’re watching a TV show. If it happens once every so often, then it’s OK, but if it’s a regular occurrence, then it means there’s a problem with the breaker, usually with the wiring. Your new appliances might also be using more volts than your breaker is capable of handling. You’ll need to upgrade things.

Your Lights Are Always Dimming or Flickering

If your lights flicker in just one oro, then it can just mean a bad lightbulb. Make sure to screw in the replacement tightly, and the problem should go away. If it happens when the furnace is on, then it means that the light and the furnace are both taxing the power supply. If they flicker all throughout your home, then something is going on with the service conductors in your electrical panel.

Your Bulbs Are Blowing Out

Typically, incandescent bulbs can last around 2,000 hours. LED ones can last even longer. If you see a noticeable decrease in the longevity of your bulbs, then you might have faulty wiring. You need to have a professional come take a look and make repairs.

You Have High Utility Bills

Your electrical system will be used to doing a certain amount of work. If it starts straining or having to use more energy, then you might notice that your bills are higher. If most of your appliances are new, then it has to be your electrical system. Bring an electrician by to come see what the issue is and determine what needs to be done.

This is especially true if you live in an older home. It won’t be set up to handle things like computers or having phone chargers run all the time. Instead of having to pay the higher bill, get new wiring.

It’s important to stay on top of your electrical system. Otherwise, you run the risk of an electrical fire, which could swiftly sweep through your home and do a lot of damage … or worse. Have your place regularly inspected by an electrician, and if you know that the wiring is likely to be old, then definitely have a professional come by and do the wiring. Yes, you’ll be paying money for it but it’s worth it for your safety.


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