Hiring the Right Help for an Accessibility Bathroom Remodel

Hiring the Right Help for an Accessibility Bathroom Remodel

Home bathrooms, whether regular or master units, tend to follow a standard design, which assumes that a homeowner has mobility. However, with a Baby Boom generation being one of the largest in history having moved heavily into retirement and older age, the need for accessible bathrooms has skyrocketed.

In general, an accessible bathroom is one that is designed for easy access. Whether a person has limited ability to walk and move, or is restricted to a wheelchair or similar, the bathroom features and appliances are installed in such a way that provides the least amount of challenge for the person. However, these types of bathrooms don’t come standard in a home, and older homes never even considered the same. So, a remodel is typically the answer.

Accessibility Remodel for a Bathroom

The big areas of change for remodeling when focusing on accessibility will be the shower and tub, as well as possibly raising or lowering the sink area. The commode could be altered as well for more space or ease of stable access. In all these situations, the generic standard equipment has to be removed, and specialize sinks, tubs, showers and toilets need to be brought in with commensurate hand holds if needed too.

Flooring is also a big concern. Slippery floors can be a fall risk, but carpets make it extremely hard for people in wheelchairs to move. So, depending on the case need, the right flooring has to be considered as well.

Lighting control may have to be relocated as well. While all the wiring is already installed, the location of the controls and switches may need to be moved to be easier to operate.

Finding the Right Help for the Job

When considering a remodeling contractor for accessible bathroom needs, references are probably going to be the biggest review factor that provides help in choosing a provider. Ideally, a homeowner wants to see and talk with other homeowners who have similar accessibility needs and how the work turned out for them.

Not only does this show the expertise and end result likely to be delivered, but it can also highlight issues and concerns a homeowner might miss going after this kind of specific remodel for the first time. Additionally, make sure you get a bathroom remodel quote before hiring a contractor. This way it’s clear how much do you need to get the remodel that you want.

While the homeowner is likely to receive a number of bids from general contractors who will easily state they can do the work, experience counts big points in this kind of project. Unfortunately, until a contractor has actually worked on an accessibility project, it seems like just another home construction build with a few different details. In reality, accessibility features done wrong can end up creating more difficulties and can even contribute to a serious accident. 

Options Available

A number of accessibility features are now available on the market that an experienced contractor will have access to as well. These include both water-tight walk-in tubs and showers, customizable handle bar sets, adjustable sinks, and varying heights for accessibility commodes and similar.

Homeowners should definitely do their own research as to what products they are looking for to make sure a contractor knows what is expected in detail, but experienced providers will already have a good idea what they can easily obtain for a customer, as well as how to install it correctly. That includes what changes would need to be made to a bathroom for the fixture to work properly as well, including both plumbing and electricity if needed.

Spell Out Requirements

Consumers should always be clear about what they expect and not leave the details to be guessed. Accessibility needs vary considerably from one home to another and different people are involved. A contractor is only left guessing without the necessary information being provided.

So, when hiring an accessibility remodel service for a bathroom, definitely take the time to go over the details. Don’t feel rushed, and don’t let a conversation be glossed over. It could be the very details that make the difference to the new bathroom working great or being a new challenge and headache.


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