Reasons To Hire a Lawyer After An Auto Accident Injury

Accident Injury

Automobile accidents are a sadly common occurrence on major highways. Even when being careful accidents can happen and automobile accidents are sudden and unpredictable events. When you have been in an automobile accident hiring a Detroit car accident lawyer is one of the most important steps you can take. Even when the accident is minor that doesn’t mean you should avoid hiring a lawyer.

Some injuries from automobile accidents can take days before they become apparent and if that happens you want an attorney supporting you. There are several reasons to hire a lawyer after an accident and here are some of the most important ones.

Why You Need An Accident Attorney

  • Deal With Your Insurance Company: when you’ve been in an automobile accident you should not speak with your insurance company or any other insurance companies that represent other involved drivers. In addition, you should never take the settlement amount offered by an insurance company as these companies often seek to pay out as little as possible. Your lawyer will communicate with your insurance company and negotiate fair compensation for your injuries and any other fair compensation you are due.
  • Insures You Receive Fair Compensation: medical care is just one aspect of the expenses an automobile accident can cause. In addition to your recovery, there are other expenses such as long-term care, physical therapy, and in some cases care for extended recovery. Outside your physical recovery, you can also be due compensation for loss of property (such as your car), lost wages, a reduction in long-term earnings, and other losses both material and more abstract such as psychological trauma. Your attorney will know what you are fairly due and build a case to support it.
  • Provide Support: automobile accidents are highly stressful events and the recovery process can be stressful as well. When you are focused on recovery and spending time with your family you want to know that important paperwork is being properly handled. Your attorney will handle important aspects of your case such as court paperwork, negotiation of insurance settlements, and keeping you updated on important events and the status of your case. A lawyer will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the process and what happens next.

When you have been hurt in an automobile accident you deserve to be fairly compensated. An attorney will help you build your case and receive all the compensation you are due under the law.


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