Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2023

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Homeowners want their homes to feel more comfortable, functional, and unique. Many will increase space for dining, entertaining, and working. They will also look to add green features that reduce energy costs and use long-lasting materials. Responsibly sourced stone, wood, and solar panels are popular upgrades. They will also seek organic elements that offer a sense of place.

Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements is one of the best ways to add warmth and depth to any room. This 2023 trend includes natural stone countertops, organic and eco-friendly materials, wood cabinetry and shelving, and metal accents.

Updated neutrals also remain popular in both kitchens and bathrooms. Marble is another timeless material that remains popular in SD Wood Kitchen & Bath design, adding texture and visual interest to islands, backsplashes, and countertops. For a more dramatic statement, try installing a boldly veined countertop that stands out from the surrounding cabinetry.

For those looking to incorporate a more personal touch into their kitchen, consider hanging a piece of vintage-inspired art on the wall. This can be a great way to bring a collected feel into your home without spending thousands on a major renovation.

Slab Materials

Slab walls are an alternative to traditional tile backsplashes and shower surrounds. They offer a seamless look of a single material and eliminate the need for grout, making them easier to clean. Slab materials include natural stone, quartz, and more. They can be matched to your vanity countertop or contrasted for a striking design.

Sleek millwork is also an emerging trend for kitchens and bathrooms. Homeowners want sleek upper cabinets that accentuate the ceiling and make rooms feel more vaulted. Decorative backsplashes are also becoming more popular, and homeowners have more options for their color palettes. Mixed metals are another big kitchen remodeling trend, but you must be careful when mixing finishes.

Matching metals is the safest option. Marble continues to be a popular countertop material in 2023 kitchens. It’s easy to work with and pairs well with warmer wood cabinetry, returning to many remodeling projects. Responsibly sourced wood, stone, and other materials are also focused in kitchens this year.

Statement Baths

Complete minimalism has clung to kitchen design, but homeowners are taking advantage of the opportunity to mix styles in the bathroom. Whether for a small budget renovation or a quick vacation rental spruce-up, bringing in elements of different styles creates interest and depth.

One way to do this is by incorporating a statement bathtub, like a freestanding soaking tub or one carved from stone. Another is by adding dramatic countertops that stand out from the surrounding cabinetry. For example, a textured limestone or a double waterfall countertop adds visual interest to a bath remodel.

As with other parts of the home, sustainability is a crucial trend in 2023 kitchen and bath remodeling. Research reports that upgrades such as electric radiant flooring, tankless water heaters, and LED lighting are popular with homeowners looking to reduce their energy consumption. Likewise, homeowners select VOC-free paints and finishes to avoid off-gassing, which can irritate sensitive skin.

Mixed Metals

There’s no longer a rule that says hardware, light fixtures, and other metal finishes must match. Many experts now recommend mixing metals for a more collected-over-time look in kitchens, baths, and living areas. To make this trend work, starting with the primary fixtures that can’t easily be replaced, such as faucets and shower systems, is essential.

Add other hardware and accessories with varying metal finishes, like gold drawer pulls and black towel rings, to create an eye-catching look. Homeowners also embrace a “less is more” approach with cabinetry and other millwork, opting for sleek, flat-panel doors instead of ornate trim and molding.

This simple change can have a considerable impact and extend the visual line of a room. This is especially true in bathrooms, where homeowners select streamlined cabinetry with simple raised panel doors or flat-panel cabinets that appear to hover above the countertops. This is a way to visually expand small rooms without the cost and commitment of adding additional square footage.


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