Is Rhea Ripley Related to Viscera? 

Is Rhea Ripley daughter of Viscera?

Rhea Ripley has been one of WWE’s best female wrestlers. She holds the distinction of winning the first Australian female WWE title. She is the first female participant in the Royal Rumble to win. The question that has intrigued fans, “Is Rhea Ripley related to Viscera?”

Well, The connection between these two notable wrestling figures lies in their professional paths rather than familial ties. They both are wrestlers and share no other relationship.

Viscera, whose real name was Nelson Frazier Jr., was an American professional wrestler. He was born on February 14, 1971, and unfortunately passed away on February 18, 2014. He gained prominence in the world of wrestling through his appearances in various wrestling promotions, most notably WWE.

Who is Rhea Ripley’s?

Demi Bennett was born on October 11, 1996, and is the actual name of Rhea Ripley. When she was a child, she developed an interest in wrestling. 

She watched matches with her brother and became a huge admirer of iconic figures. She holds the prestigious titles of former Raw, NXT, and NXT UK Women’s Champion. 

What is Rhea Ripley's personality?
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Professional Wrestling Career

Independent Circuits (2013-2016)

In 2013, Bennett competed in various wrestling promotions, winning titles and achieving success. She dedicated years to mastering her skills before making her way to the United States to join WWE.

WWE Debut and NXT UK (2017-2019)

In 2017, Bennett signed with WWE and participated in the Mae Young Classic. After losing to Io Shirai in the semi-finals of the 2017 competition, she returned in 2018 and demonstrated dominance.

She joined the NXT UK brand after the Mae Young Classic. During televised events, she defeated Toni Tempest to win the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Championship. She lost the title to Toni Tempest at TakeOver Blackpool. She failed to reclaim the title in the UK brand despite her best efforts.

NXT Stint (2019-2021)

In August, Rhea Ripley joined NXT and confronted NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. The NXT Women’s team won Survivor Series under her leadership. The Ripley Team won the TakeOver WarGames against the Baszler Team. In December, she defeated Baszler to claim the NXT Women’s Title.

Ripley fought Raquel Gonzalez despite losing the title to Charlotte at WrestleMania 36. During her time in NXT, she lost at WarGames and lost a Lone Survivor match to Gonzalez on New Year’s Evil.

RAW (2021-Present)

She entered the Royal Rumble at number 14 but fell short of victory. After a brief hiatus, she challenged Asuka for the Raw Women’s Title. She defeated Asuka at WrestleMania 37 to win the Raw Women’s Championship. After 98 days, she lost the title to Charlotte at Cash in the Bank.

Rhea Ripley’s Net Worth

Rhea Ripley’s net worth approaches USD 1 million. She is owed $250,000 under her WWE contract and she is expected to earn more as she transitions to the main roster.

Additionally, she earns income from merchandise sales and appearances on Pay-Per-View events. She has become increasingly active in PPV events, particularly after becoming RAW Women’s Champion.

Who is Viscera?

Viscera is an American wrestler born February 14, 1971, in Goldsboro, North Carolina. He amassed his net worth by the age of 43.

Nelson Frazier Jr., who adopted the name Viscera, made a surprise return to the WWF in September 2004. He attacked The Undertaker, the former leader of the Ministry of Darkness, along with Gangrel.

He joined forces with Val Venis to create V–Squared, primarily on Heat for nine months. Although they made attempts to secure the World Tag Team Championship, they never claimed the title. 

Viscera returned to singles competition in April 2006 after Venis suffered a legitimate injury. He was attacked by Umaga during his attempt to reconcile with Garcia.

Due to an accident, Lillian Garcia’s wrist was sprained after Charlie Haas knocked her off the ring apron. Haas and Viscera competed for Garcia’s affections in a storyline based on this incident. 

Viscera’s Wrestling Legacy

During his time with WWE, Viscera wrestled under the names King Mabel, Mabel, and Big Daddy V. A huge wrestler (over 500 pounds) with extensive tattoos, he has achieved several titles in WWE. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack in February 2014.

Viscera Net Worth

Viscera’s net worth has experienced substantial growth in the years 2022-2023. At the age of 43, how much is Viscera worth? His primary source of income comes from his career as a wrestler. His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Is Rhea Ripley Related to Viscera?

There is no indication of any familial connection between Rhea Ripley and Viscera. Their dissimilar real names along with distinct backgrounds (Australian and African American) and disparate physical attributes (Ripley is blonde, Viscera is bald, provide no evidence of kinship. Additionally, they do not have any family ties.

The speculation suggesting a relation may have arisen due to their comparable ring names and powerful wrestling styles. However, these resemblances are merely surface-level and do not imply any blood relationship.

Final Words

Rhea Ripley, a WWE superstar, has attained numerous achievements during her career. The wrestler has no relationship to Viscera, the deceased WWE wrestler renowned for his massive size and strength. These are two distinct wrestlers, each with their unique backgrounds and narratives.


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