Is Lizzy Related to Matt’s Off-Road Recovery?

The YouTube channel ‘Matt’s Off-Road Recovery’ fans are very familiar with the name Lizzy. Matt’s towing company took the world by storm when he started releasing videos of vehicle rescue from the rocky terrain of Utah. 

Lizzy, one of the mechanics featured in many of the videos, advises the Off-Road team. She has a lot of great insight into technical matters relating to each recovery job. The channel’s subscribers have grown to love her since its start in 2019.

But who is she, really? Is Lizzy Related to Matt’s Off-Road Recovery? And another question that we’re all dying to know the answer to is whether Lizzy is related to Matt Wetzel of Matt’s Off-Road Recovery. It’s easy to assume that Matt is Lizzy’s father by the way they interact, so let’s find out!

Lizzy Stout from Winder Towing

Who Is Lizzy Stout?

Lizzy Stout, who now goes by her married name of Lizzie Stout Ballard, is a powerhouse when it comes to mechanics. She started working with Winder Towing Corporation in 2020 but has been working on cars for much longer. 

Stout recently got married to husband Clancy Ballard, who shares her passion for the great outdoors. She has three brothers and two sisters and was raised by loving parents, Heidi and Stewart. 

Social media has a lot to do with Lizzy’s fame. She frequently posts about her off-road life, and she has almost 100K followers on her Instagram account.

Lizzy’s Relationship to Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

The most common assumption for the 1.3 million Off-Road subscribers is that Lizzy is Matt’s daughter. Matt is constantly teaching her about the technical side of mechanics. Lizzy has even claimed that Matt taught her everything she knows in the field. 

As it turns out, Matt IS NOT Lizzy’s father. However, Matt treats her like a daughter, which is no surprise considering he is the best friend of Lizzy’s actual father, Stewart. 

Even though Lizzy grew up with Matt in her life as a father figure, the two are not actually blood-related in any way. 

About Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

Lizzy is just one part of Matt’s off-road crew, which also includes Matt’s wife, his four sons, and a man named Ed. 

Ever since his childhood, Matt has been interested in mechanics and towing. He owns the most respected tow company in Utah, which has nearly 5 stars on Google reviews. 

It wasn’t until 2019 that he started the channel Matt’s Off-Road Recovery – MORR for short. The channel got a lot of attention right from the get-go thanks to the thrilling rescue videos he posted. 


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