Is Brian Kelly Related to Chip Kelly & Are They Brothers?


Sometimes, we meet or hear about two people with the same last name and think about their relationship. When these two people have the same job and are only a few years apart, we will not only wonder if they’re related to one another but also have the urge to find out.

That is the case with famous American football coaches Brian Kelly and Chip Kelly. Are these two related?

We’re here to answer your question. Is Brian Kelly related to Chip Kelly? Are they brothers? They come from a similar football coaching background, and many wonder if they’re brothers. Read ahead to find out if they are.

Who are they?

Brian Kelly is an American football head coach. He was born on October 25, 1961, in Everett, Massachusetts, and is currently 61. Brian has a wife, Paqui Kelly, with whom he has three children: Kenzel, Grace, and Patrick. He is currently the head coach at Louisiana State University, where he transferred in 2021.

Chip Kelly is also an American football head coach. Chip was born on November 25, 1963, in Dover, New Hampshire, and is 59 years old right now – only two years younger than Brian. He had been married to Jennifer Jenkins for 7 years, or until 1999, and they didn’t have any children. Chip currently works at UCLA.

Careers compared

Are Chip Kelly and Brian Kelly related?

Brian Kelly has been a football coach since 1987. He was the head football coach at Grand Valley State University, the University of Cincinnati, Central Michigan University, and, most recently, the University of Notre Dame, where he worked for around 12 years until 2021.

On the other hand, Chip Kelly is currently the head coach of the UCLA Bruins and has been since 2018. He started coaching at Columbia University in 1990 and is most known for coaching the Oregon Ducks from 2007 to 2012, Philadelphia Eagles from 2013 to 2015, and the San Francisco 49ers in 2016. Chip also worked on ESPN in 2017 as an analyst.

Their relationship

Are they brothers?

It might be worth knowing that Chip Kelly’s last football team, Philadelphia Eagles, was interested in working with Brian Kelly. However, it doesn’t seem like Brian Kelly will be moving to the NFL, as he is pretty happy with his current job at Louisiana State University.

Other than that, these two men don’t have anything else in common. Both have the same last name, Kelly, and both are professional American football head coaches, but that is where the similarities stop, as these two have probably never even met.

Are they related?

If we’re talking about their profession, then yes, Brian Kelly and Chip Kelly are related, as they are both football coaches. However, if we’re talking about blood relations, your answer is no, they aren’t related.

It can’t be merely a coincidence that these two men with the same last name are in the same field of work, can it? Although many people have assumed that these two are brothers, they’re not, and it is just a coincidence.


Brian Kelly and Chip Kelly are both American football coaches. They both have the last name Kelly and are around 60 years old. Being only two years apart in age, many people assume that they are related and that they are brothers.

However, that is not true. The answer to the question “is Brian Kelly related to Chip Kelly?” is no. The similarities stop after the same last name and the fact that they’re both professional American football head coaches.


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