Is Pop Smoke Related To 50 Cent?

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If you are wondering “Is Pop Smoke Related To 50 Cent?” I have the answer for you. 50 Cent and Pop Smoke are not related to each other.

50 Cent fell in love with Pop Smoke because he thought he was an amazing artist. At that time, Pop Smoke also continues to show his gratitude and love for 50 Cent. He also often said that he was his inspiration.

Reason For The Misconception

Is Pop Smoke related to 50 Cent? This is a reasonable question because Jackson is the name of these two artists (50 Cent’s name is Curtis Jackson and Pop Smoke’s name is Bashar Barakah Jackson). These two men were also born in July, are from New York, and they are African – American. It’s not surprising why people started asking such questions.

They both have a lot in common. Pop Smoke’s presence, character, and trends have a similar vibe to early 50 Cent, especially during his debut in Music Business. Since the beginning, people have been wondering if they are related by blood.

Misunderstandings like this always occur in the world of Hip Hop. We can see, for example, Snoop Dog and Nipsey Hussle. By the time Nipseys appeared, people had thought he was somehow part of Snoop’s family. Everything from his voice, hair, height, and style gives you the vibes of a younger Snoop Dog.

The other reason this misunderstanding is that Pop Smoke respects 50. So, their relationship looked like they were family. In his interview, 50 stated that Pop was a good listener and wanted to learn a lot from others.

These two men are neither blood nor family related. However, the factors mentioned above explain why people believed this rumor for so long.

Their Real Relationship

Billboard invited 50 for an interview. In that interview, he said that he should rework his music to fit the contemporary style of the music industry. And Pop did exactly that.

50 Cent’s Recent Billboard Interview

“When I met him, I said that it was time to redo my records,” 50 Cent says that to Billboard. It was about Pop Smoke’s version of “Many Men” and “Got It on Me.” “Those two were released in ’03 and ’05.”

He also told Pop to stay focus, and that he definitely could achieve many things. “You could do those things and end up in jail or getting killed, or you can be an artist.”

It came as no surprise that pop’s music is all about New York City. Pop Smoke was really gunning for a big break, and with 50 by his side, nothing could stop him. He famous for bringing the vibes of New York Drill to the public, and people believed a reformed Pop Smoke will form in front of us due to his the influence of 50 cent.

Pop Smokes’ Achievement

It was clear that Pop Smoke’s influence would live on. The number of streams is increasing, and people are still playing his music socially. Many artists have also praised his achievements with the New York Drill.

What’s more important is that some of the best efforts to keep Pop’s legacy alive were from 50 Cent. He decided to take over Pop’s album after his passing. After the murder occurred, 50 committed to producing an executive album. At that time, 50 took advantage of his influence and fame to get many artists work with him, ensured meeting deadlines, and brought Pop Smokes’ mom to award shows.

All of that was then accomplished within several months.

Even though they are not related to each other, we can see that 50 Cent took care of him. 50 also took control of Pop’s musical legacy. He produced hits music from his effort.

The album Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, earn great success. Earned 200 billboard success upon its release, with over 251,000 total album sold during the opening week. This album was very well received, and because of that, the whole community of hip hip thanked 50 for his work.


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