Benefits of Buying a Home in Westport, CT

buying a house

One of the largest decisions that you will ever make in your life will come when you choose to purchase a home. Those who own a home will be making a long-term financial investment and one that will have a large impact on their personal life.

For those who are looking for a new place to live, Westport, CT continues to be a great option, and owning real estate has been a great housing option. When looking for homes for sale in Westport, you will find there are many great reasons to invest in real estate here.

Great Local Amenities

One of the reasons that people love living in the Westport area is that it has many great local amenities. While it is a relatively small community, there is always something to do and a place to have fun. Westport is a coastal community located along the Long Island Sound. The town has a variety of large parks and beaches in the area including Sherwood Island Park, Comp Beach, and Burying Hill Beach.

Westport is also known for having a variety of great restaurants and shops to choose from. Many of these top destinations are located in the town’s central business district, which runs long the Saugatuck River. This includes the local Marketplace Shopping District, which is an outdoor lifestyle center and has various top shops and dining establishments.

Various Neighborhoods

Westport is also known for having diverse real estate options and neighborhoods to choose from. Some of the top neighborhoods that people enjoy living in include Greens Farms and Compo Beach, which are located near the Long Island Sound. Old Hill and Coleytown are known for their elegant homes and offering a great family-friendly experience. For those looking for quick access to the shops and dining options, Saugatuck is a great option to consider due to its proximity.

Top Schools

One of the strongest drivers to the Westport area has continued to be access to great schools. Even if you do not have children who would attend the local school, the top-rated school districts continue to result in high demand from property buyers. Some of the tops schools in the Westport area continue to be Green’s Farms School, Coleytown Elementary School, and King’s Highway Elementary School.

Good Financial Investment

While a home in the Westport area is a place where you will live and spend a lot of your time, it can also be a great investment. Similar to other communities in this part of Connecticut, Westport has continued to see price appreciation over the years.

In June 2023, the median sales price was just over $2 million. This is nearly a 40% increase to the same period just two years prior. Further, homes tend to sell at or near the listing price and move quickly. This has continued to make real estate here a great way to build long-term equity as well. While the median price is high compared to other communities, there are still many more affordable options throughout the community.

Excellent Commuter Community

While Westport, CT offers a wide range of local amenities, entertainment options, and professional opportunities, it is also a great place for those looking to commute into New York City. Westport is located along the commuter rail system that will take you directly into Grand Central Station. This city’s stop is located in the heart of Westport and will allow you to get into downtown New York City in a little over an hour. There are also train options throughout the day with many options around rush hour.

As you are looking for a new place to call home, Westport, CT can be a great community to consider. This town has a variety of great local amenities, a strong economy and real estate market, and close access to New York City and other major cities on the East Coast. If you choose to make Westport home, it can also be a great place to own a home. There are various amenities that come with living in Westport and owning a home here.


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