Why Opting for a V.A. Law Firm With Client Victories is Crucial

VA law firm veterans advocates have a wealth of experience winning appeals that involve the same disability claim types as your own. Consequently, they will be able to give you a 30,000-foot view of an effective strategy for your case.

Accredited representatives include attorneys, claims agents and Veteran Service Organization (VSO) representatives. Veterans can search for certified representatives in a database that the VA hosts.

Clients’ Victories

Many veterans face a bureaucracy like Goliath and are frustrated when their cases are delayed or denied. That’s why choosing a law firm with experience winning client benefits is important. A successful claim often depends on the strength of evidence and the right expert witnesses.

A reputable law firm has worked closely with a network of experts to win hundreds of client claims. Ask your attorney about their experience and whether they specifically focus on V.A. disability claims. If they don’t, this could be a red flag. 

Personalized Service

With a firm devoted solely to helping clients meet their objectives and achieve results, experienced lawyers deliver exceptional value. The clients experience peace of mind, clarity, and confidence that their attorneys always have their best interests at heart.

Attorneys have extensive experience handling V.A. disability claims and appeals. They have successfully assisted veterans in recovering the total compensation they deserve now and into the future and back pay for benefits they should have received.

Veteran attorneys offer a fresh approach to legal representation. They offer a more personalized service with flexible scheduling, virtual meetings, and custom communication alternatives. For instance, you can see Berry Law’s results here to review the successful outcomes of its clients.


Experience is the best teacher, and that’s certainly true when preparing your VA disability claim. When working with an experienced firm, you can rest assured that they will understand your case inside and out. They will know what evidence is needed to prove your claims, and they will be proactive in getting that information together.

Experienced attorneys also have a broader range of cases that may relate to yours, whereas a less professional firm will not. They can share this information and answer your questions, making that experience work for you. Many attorneys have what is known as a “general practice,” meaning they take clients who walk through their doors.

However, this approach can often mean that they will not have the specialized knowledge required to handle your VA disability representation. It is important to look for a focused firm specializing in veterans’ disability representation.


In the legal profession, a law firm’s reputation is everything. You wouldn’t trust brain surgery to a foot surgeon, and you shouldn’t hire a V.A. disability attorney who makes outlandish claims or promises unrealistic outcomes from your case.

A good V.A. law firm takes pride in its work and is known for getting results. It is accountable to clients through attorney-client privilege and abides by the rules and regulations of the tribunal where it is licensed to practice.

It also accommodates the needs of its associates with flexible working arrangements and adjustable hours, a welcome break from the oppressive billable hour culture of many large firms. This is an increasingly important consideration for aspiring attorneys.


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