Ways you can Modernise the Bathroom

When it comes to interior design, the bathroom is a unique case. It’s a room in the home that will get plenty of use – and it will need to stand up to huge amounts of moisture, dirt and grime. Ideally, it should be able to do all this while still looking as good as it did on day one.

It’s possible to significantly upgrade the overall look and feel of your bathroom space, without spending an enormous amount. Let’s take a look at a few potential avenues for investment.

Update the tiles

Bathroom tiles might take up a large portion of the overall visible space. In some cases, they’ll add a lot of functionality, too. Pick tiles of the right size. Too large, and they’ll dominate the space; too small, and they’ll be difficult to keep clean. 

If you’d like to be really bold and striking, then you might look for tiles of an unusual shape or arrangement. Chevron or Herringbone tiles along a single wall might create an accent point that contrasts pleasingly with the surrounding room.

Pick a new colour

The colour of your walls might also make a big difference. Muted shades of blue and green tend to work well in this part of the home, but if you’re brave enough to break from tradition, you might achieve a striking effect with a bolder shade – of even with some wallpaper.

You might also think about how you’ll decorate the room: a few choice pictures can work wonders. Again, boats and maritime pictures tend to be favoured in bathrooms, but you can depart from tradition if your tastes demand it.

Change the fixings

The fixtures in your bathroom may also matter enormously when it comes to the way it looks and functions. It might be that you’d like an overhead shower, or a specific style of tap. What really matters is that every fixing matches, not only with the other fixings, but with the rest of the bathroom, too.

If you’re unsure of whether things will work, then you might head down to a good bathroom showroom and look for inspiration. If you later decide that the style isn’t right, then you can always take the items back (provided that you do this before you install them!)

Add some greenery

A few choice potted plants can help to lend an otherwise sterile bathroom a touch of nature and warmth. Green shoots and tropical plants tend to work best – you’re ideally looking for plants that can cope with severe and sudden shifts in temperature and humidity. Aloe vera, snake plants and ivy all work nicely. You might also go for a classic row of potted succulents. 


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