6 Ways AI Is Helping Real Estate Agents Boost Their Leads Pool 

Ways AI Is Helping Real Estate Agents Boost Their Leads Pool 

Today, artificial intelligence, also known as AI, handles much of the gleaning of basic information collected for various groups. From political campaigns to sales, with AI doing the grunt work to provide genuine leads, businesses, charities, and others are no longer spinning their wheels with non-working numbers and uninterested dead-end contacts. 

The real estate game has entered the AI arena and is making great strides in AI lead generation. Take a look at a few ways AI is helping the real estate game with quality leads. 

1. It’s Personal

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a technological tool that learns quickly from previous interactions to adjust responses, tracking responses and behaviors to create a more personal message. AI quickly sorts through mountains of data to develop a customized checklist to save real estate agents hours of groundwork on qualified leads while providing tailored content to the potential customer without feeling predatory. 

2. Generates Quality Leads

Millions of potential customers have social media accounts, which makes data gleaned for interest in specific demographic areas easy to obtain. Targeted ads through social media platforms, amongst other sites,  make it a breeze to zero in on potential clients efficiently. AI lead generation is a game changer. 

3. No More Cold Calls

The saying “time is money” is very true, and when you make your money in sales, it is an absolute reality. Gone are the days of buying a list and making hours of cold calls, netting little to no bona fide leads.

When interest is shown by clicking on ads about houses in a particular area, AI can quickly determine what types of houses and images appeal to potential clients and find quality leads through dynamic messaging. 

4. Makes The Initial Contact

With the introduction of AI-powered smart bots, it is now difficult to tell the difference between technology and a living, breathing human. Using chatbots and voice calls, AI does the groundwork for basic information, such as appointment scheduling, before a live agent takes over, saving you time as you no longer need to handle the basic logistics of contacting your hundreds of leads.

5. Swift Showings

Although open houses can quickly drum up some interest, having strangers troupe through your home, with many just looking about, creates more traffic than genuinely interested buyers. AI filters out the ambivalent buyers from the genuinely interested ones leading to swifter showings.

6. Faster Sales  

With the assistance of AI, filtering out interest and locating potential clients leads to faster showings with genuine interest and, subsequently, faster sales. Without spending months searching for possible clients and then the perfect property, using genuine AI-generated leads simplifies the whole process, leading to quickly closing the deal. 

The Future of Sales

With more online information from various sources, AI can easily track public interest in housing or investment properties. Using AI lead generation to get the primary information out of the way saves time and effort on the part of the real estate agent by providing only truly interested customers with quality leads.   


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