Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Functionality With a Trailer Hitch

Upgrade Your Vehicle's Functionality With a Trailer Hitch

Consider a trailer hitch if you want to upgrade your vehicle’s functionality. Unlike a stand-alone ball mount, trailer hitches offer additional features like sway control and weight distribution.

Many assume that trailer hitches are only needed for large trucks and SUVs, but small cars can also benefit. In addition to towing, hitches can accommodate cargo attachments, such as bike racks.

Increased Cargo Capacity

A trailer hitch allows you to haul oversized cargo loads that wouldn’t fit in the trunk of your car. This is great for families going on trips and anyone who wants to upgrade their vehicle’s storage without buying a giant truck or car.

Trailer hitches are available in various classes designed to handle specific weight capacities. They can also be attached to cargo carriers, bike racks, and other cargo accessories, making it easy to haul equipment, tools, luggage, or extra gear. Hitch covers are another useful accessory that protects your vehicle’s hitch from dirt, dust, and road debris when not in use.

Increased Safety

Most hitches have built-in components to ensure a safe connection, but various accessory items can further boost safety. For example, a hitch cover hides the hitch when it’s not in use and protects against vandalism and theft. Hitch locks provide an extra layer of security, and anti-sway devices minimize trailer sway during travel for safer driving.

A quick-pin is an alternative to a coupler latch, which eliminates the need for a tug and lets you hook up your trailer with the push of a button. Other safety accessories include weight distribution systems and emergency brakes. These are great for heavy loads and long hauls, respectively.

Better Towing Capacity

Towing capacity should be cut and dry: Your vehicle can haul a certain amount of weight; if you exceed that amount, you’re at risk. However, many factors affect how much a car can tow, and figuring out its towing capacity can be complicated.

A trailer hitch can improve a vehicle’s ability to haul a load by increasing its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), allowing for more cargo in the cabin and bed. A weight distribution hitch can also help level the load on a car or truck’s rear axle, reducing sway and making for safer driving.

Attach Bike Racks

Thanks to hitch-mounted bike racks, you can still carry bikes on your vehicle without a trailer. They lock directly into a trailer hitch receiver tube and either allow you to strap the bikes in a tray or rest them, wheels down, on a platform.

Trunk and roof-mounted bike racks, however, can leave scratches on your car if they need to be adequately secured. Moreover, if mounted incorrectly, they may obstruct your rear camera and number plate lighting board.

The beauty of a tow bar-mounted rack is that it’s quick and easy to load and remove. Many also tilt forward, making it easier to access your boot once the bikes are fitted.

Additional Cargo Space

A trailer hitch is a simple way to add cargo space to your vehicle without investing in a full trailer. Many truck hitch attachments, like shelves, can be used to haul extra luggage or gear for a trip, especially for families with kids who need more storage room than what’s available in the trunk. Hitch covers also add a lovely aesthetic and help protect the uncovered hitch from the elements. 


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