Updating Your Wall Art for Spring and Summer

Updating Your Wall Art for Spring and Summer

As seasons change, so do our interiors. With Spring and Summer right around the corner, it’s time that we start changing things up with our decor–so why not start with all the wall art in your home? Whether it’s paintings and photographs or hanging decorations, we’ve got the perfect advice to help you update your wall art to breathe new life into your home.

Adding a Fresh Touch of Nature to Your Decor

Spring is a great time to embrace the beauty of nature, and what better way to celebrate such a wonderful transitional season than to add a fresh touch of nature to your decor? Incorporating more wall art of flowers and trees can add a sense of natural wonder to your home. They can infuse your rooms with a sense of freshness and life, transforming your rooms into a serene and tranquil environment where you can rest and relax in peace.

Nature is full of colour as well, so it’s a great opportunity to add a few touches of nature-inspired hues to your wall art. Soft pastel shades like pink and green can create a sense of tranquillity, while bold colours such as red and yellow can add excitement to your home.

This is also a good opportunity to add your favourite flowers to your wall art. If you don’t really have a favourite flower or know many of their names, then it’s a great opportunity to learn. Lilies, sunflowers, and roses are among some of the most popular botanical subjects used in art. However, there are also more unique options, such as patchouli with their beautifully vibrant purple hue.

In short, there are lots of different flowers for you to experiment with when it comes to wall art. Adding a touch of nature can mean natural colours such as green and brown, but you can also add pops of colour using your favourite flowers.

Keeping It Sophisticated and Neutral With Grey Wall Art

Another popular wall art option is to keep it sophisticated and neutral with grey wall art. This doesn’t mean using just grey as a colour. Instead, it’s about using the neutral tones in grey wall art to evoke a sense of serenity or even mystery.

Grey wall art evokes a variety of different emotions and feelings. Some people can see it as a melancholic piece of artwork that mixes sadness and sombre imagery, while others can view it as an abstract art piece that changes based on the viewer’s perception.

Wall art like this can be a wonderful addition to your home for Spring and Summer for a few reasons. For starters, it’s a soothing aesthetic that enhances feelings of tranquillity. While these seasons are generally associated with flowers and bold colours, it can be nice to have a contrasting space that embraces a more minimalist ambience.

Grey is also a cool and calming colour that helps to create a refreshing atmosphere. This is perfect for the hotter months in Summer, giving you a tranquil space to retreat to when the heat becomes too much. It can be a fantastic complement to a minimalistic and cool-feeling interior design.

And lastly, grey is a versatile colour that pairs well with almost any other colour. It works well in many different design elements and can complement seasonal decor trends without clashing.

Using Photography for Wall Art To Bring the Beauty of the Outdoors Into Your Home

Another great idea for updating your wall art in Spring and Summer is to use photography or scenes of places like coastal beaches, lush green landscapes, and even cityscapes.

A lot of people see spring and summer as seasons to spend time outdoors, thanks to the agreeable weather and flourishing natural environments. By capturing these scenes and using them as wall art, you can bring a touch of the natural world indoors to create many different feelings.

Scenes of cityscapes and skylines can evoke a sense of wonder and adventure, especially if spring and summer are the seasons when you typically go on holiday. You can also try scenes of nature such as farms, forests, and mountains. These can appeal to your sense of exploration, drawing you into the vast beauty of nature and igniting a sense of wanderlust that can inspire you. Additionally, ensure you light them with a wireless art light to make them stand out. Proper lighting is essential in wall art display at home as it enhances the visibility, color fidelity, and overall impact of the artwork, transforming ordinary spaces into captivating visual experiences.


We hope these ideas will spark your creativity and inspire you to bring the spirit of spring and summer into your home by using beautiful wall art. Whether you choose scenes of nature, floral prints, or minimalistic grey artwork, you can let your personality and style shine through your wall art choices.


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