Tuxedo Rentals – What You Need to Know

Tuxedo Rentals - What You Need to Know

Prom and wedding season are busy times for suit and tuxedo shops. Popular styles and colors can run out during this period, so ordering your rentals early is essential.

Luckily, rental services now make ordering your groomsmen’s looks accessible from the comfort of your home. Many even offer a complimentary at-home try-on for the groom.

What Does a Tuxedo Rental Include?

A quality suit or tuxedo rental like tuxedo rental in St Petersburg will include everything you need to look great. Most popular rentals come with pants, a jacket, a vest or bow tie, and a dress shirt. Some will also include shoes and cufflinks or suspenders.

Most companies offer in-person and online rentals. In-store appointments allow you to get expert advice and personalized styling, while online ordering provides convenience and flexibility. Many online rental services offer at-home trials for an accurate fit, detailed measurement instructions, and easy returns if unsatisfied with the fit.

Most rentals are for men, but many also offer women’s styles. Some also provide suits and tuxes for children. If you’re renting for a wedding, check if they have an event management tool that makes it simple to design and order attire for all your groomsmen and other party members. Some sites even allow you to track the status of each order, which can help avoid last-minute headaches

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How Much Does a Tuxedo Rental Cost?

Whether you’re attending prom, your friend’s wedding, or another formal event, renting a tuxedo is usually less expensive than purchasing one. While tuxedo rental costs differ from store to store, a typical time should cost you between $100 and $250. This price includes a coat, pants, vest, neckwear or tie, dress shirt, and shoes.

Many men’s attire stores offer group discounts on tuxedo rentals for groomsmen or other groups. Some even allow for a home try-on or send swatches so you can find the perfect look.

If you’re renting a tuxedo for a wedding, it’s a good idea to reserve your outfit months in advance. This allows you to avoid the rush fee and allows the shop to have your outfit ready in time for the big day. Returning a tuxedo late can incur additional charges, including cleaning and repair fees. These fees can add up quickly, so reading your rental agreement carefully is essential.

How Long Does a Tuxedo Rental Last?

Order your tuxedo at least two months before your prom, wedding, or special event. This gives you ample time to select a style and adjust to ensure a perfect fit. However, if you’re on a tight deadline, Menguin can accommodate your needs with its convenient Home Try-On service.

Tuxedo rentals are an excellent option for men who don’t wear formalwear often or want to save on the purchase price. In addition to the tuxedo cost, you’ll likely be charged a rental fee for pressing and cleaning, overnight storage, and other services.

Renting also allows you to switch your look based on season and occasion. For example, you can opt for a classic black tuxedo for a night out or a gray tux for a summer wedding. Many stores even offer complimentary accessories like shoes and a bow tie when renting a tuxedo.

Should I Rent a Tuxedo?

Whether or not you should rent a tuxedo is a personal decision that depends on your circumstances, budget, and frequency of use. Renting is an excellent option if you attend many formal events like weddings, black tie events, and proms irregularly or don’t want to invest in one look.

Many tux rental services offer complete packages that include accessories like shoes, socks, and ties to get your whole look in one place. This makes renting a convenient choice for groomsmen, ring-bearers, and other members of your wedding party.

Most rental stores also offer a range of options regarding colors, fabrics, and designers, so you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. Just be sure to ask about the return policy and ensure you have a date for when your tux is due back. Otherwise, you may be charged a late fee.


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