Transform Your Home: Creative Ideas For Underutilized Spaces

Grand Rapids is a beautiful place known for its historical sites and quality furniture. The city has diverse living accommodations to cater to various preferences, budgets, and lifestyles. You will find beautifully preserved historic homes in architectural styles dating back to the 19th century to houses with modern designs constructed in recent years.

Single-family small homes, apartments, condos, bungalows, and ranch-style homes are common in Grand Rapids. These may have distinctive features and architectural details, but you will find one thing common in many homes: lots of underutilized space in different nooks and corners asking for dramatic transformation. This can be easily managed by following these simple guidelines we have consolidated in this article.

Transform the basement 

Due to multiple factors, such as the climatic conditions and construction styles prevalent in the Midwest, basements are a common feature in many houses in Grand Rapids. Gone are the days when basements were merely used for storing utilities like logs for burning, furnaces, water heaters, or other items such as seasonal clothes and pantry goods.

Today, if you have a basement, no matter the size of your home, you can easily convert it into a variety of functional areas such as an additional living room, a guest room, a home theater, a play area, a home gym, a workspace, or a library depending upon your preference.

Completing such a task all by yourself may seem daunting to you. However, transforming your basement with the help of Grand Rapids basement remodel experts will make the entire process hassle-free and worth investing in. Their expertise and experience handling basement projects in Grand Rapids will ensure an efficient and effective transformation. You will, in turn, get a functional and aesthetically appealing living space according to your choice and lifestyle. 

Use the space under the stairs

All of us living in a double-story house are familiar with the empty space under the stairs that is either filled up with clutter or left overlooked. If the stairs are near the house’s entrance, you can easily fit in a small washroom or a powder room for the guests in this space. Just carefully plan the plumbing work according to your needs, be imaginative, and you are good to go.

This space can also be converted into a functional mudroom by installing a wall-mounted rack or hooks for hanging coats and a shoe rack. You can place a bench here with lift-top upholstery to store extra items and for sitting while putting on or taking off your shoes. 

Make use of this overlooked space under the stairs by transforming it into a relaxing sitting area by placing some furniture and accessories to fill up the space and give it a cozy look. Add a small coffee table, a lamp, and some books to enchant yourself.

If you have kids in the house, this can be a perfect place to set up their reading or playing area. Just use some bright colors in this space, install one or two racks to store their favorite items, and let them spend all their spare time in their favorite spot.

You can also add a few floating cabinets storing books and other reading materials to complete the look of a perfect reading area or a workspace.

Get cozy in the corners

An empty corner gives the room a barren and uninviting look. But the good news is that these empty spaces can be easily transformed to give a stylish look to the entire room, whether a bedroom or a living area. You can spend quality time in a cozy corner with a steaming cup of coffee and your favorite book while sitting on floor cushions over a soft rug.

A standing lamp will complete the look and add style. Installing vertical bookshelves in empty corners is the easiest way to fill this space. These can be used to display decorative items, small plants, and memorabilia in addition to your collection of books. Adding a plant or two is always an easy way to lighten up the space as well as get some green touch here and there. Consider placing large potted plants in the corners, such as palms, ivies, ZZ, or rubber plants. 

Make your hallways merry and bright

Do you have a hallway you are not using as a “memory wall” or for displaying your favorite art pieces? If yes, you are not making the most of this precious space. You can easily add a personal touch by displaying your favorite family pictures, framed memoirs, kids’ artwork, and other memorabilia along the walls.

Displaying art pieces in vibrant and catchy colors or decorative mirrors will make the hallway visually appealing and inviting. Consider installing built-in cabinets and shelves to add storage space or display decorative items. If your hallway is wide enough, a narrow seating arrangement will add grace and functionality to this space.

A small workspace can also be arranged with a floating desk and cabinets by maintaining a clutter-free design. Just keep the flow of traffic in mind while transforming your hallway into an aesthetically pleasing space


Less functional and overlooked spaces exist in all homes. They are often ignored, collecting dust like a chair in your bedroom where you idly throw clothes daily. Just because these spaces have been there forever doesn’t mean you should not take a fresh start now to transform your home. All you need is outside-of-the-box thinking and little time.

Boom; you will soon have your favorite spot in your home converted from the space you previously thought was wasted and underutilized. Stylish and inviting areas, per your lifestyle and preferences, will enhance your quality of life and be a valuable addition to your property.  


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