Top Signs It’s Time For a Garage Door Replacement

Top Signs It's Time For a Garage Door Replacement

Your garage door is the entryway to your home and a key contributor to its overall value. Like anything else in your house, it will need replacing eventually.

Frequent problems or repairs can signal that investing in a repair or new garage door at companies like Coastal Garage Doors in San Diego is time. If yours is making noise or not functioning properly, here are the top signs that it’s time to replace it: 

Loud Noises

Every item has a lifespan, and garage doors are no exception. If your door is becoming progressively more demanding to operate or not functioning correctly, it may be time to seek garage door replacement services.

Loud sounds like banging, clunking, and rumbling can indicate structural issues that must be addressed immediately. If a section of your door is broken or cracked, it could slam shut and damage your belongings. A slammed garage door also poses safety hazards for your family and neighbors and potential break-in risks for burglars canvassing the neighborhood.

If your door is slow to move when prompted by a signal or takes longer than usual to travel up and down the track, it’s another indication that the current system needs an overhaul.

Damaged Panels

A well-functioning garage door is an asset to your home’s curb appeal and adds to its overall value. But they are prone to damage from all kinds of factors, including natural aging, high winds, and consistent exposure to sunlight or from impact from things like cars or basketballs.

When you notice visible signs of damage to your garage door, it’s time to shop for a replacement. This includes everything from dents and rust to cracks, fading paint, and other visual wear and tear that not only detracts from your home’s aesthetics but also can be a safety hazard for you or your family. Moreover, any issues beyond repair may signal mechanical problems with your garage door that could lead to further damage and costly repairs.

Poor Curb Appeal

When homebuyers drive by a house to see what it looks like, the outside appearance sets their expectations for the property. This first impression can affect how a buyer views the house’s interior and whether they are willing to put in an offer.

A well-maintained yard and a house with great curb appeal can add value to the property. The front door is a big part of the overall curb appeal, so it should look clean and be painted in a color that complements the home.

A poorly maintained garage door can give the impression that it’s unkempt and could need repairs or replacements, which would detract from the home’s appearance. This can be a red flag to prospective buyers and may make them avoid the property altogether, which could lead to losing an opportunity to sell.

Damaged Hardware

While a garage door can last long, constant repairs make investing in a newer model more cost-effective. This improvement will also boost your home’s value, and the added insulation can help keep your energy costs down.

If you notice that your garage door takes longer to open or close, that it jerks during movement, or that it hits the ground short of closing, these are signs that a replacement is needed. These problems aren’t just inconvenient and can be dangerous and unsafe if left untreated.

You can try lubricating the tracks and hardware to ease the process, but if you’ve exhausted all of these quick fixes, it’s probably time to replace your garage door. A new door will offer better function, add curb appeal, and protect your belongings from intruders looking to break in.

Old Technology

Regarding home improvement projects, upgrading your garage door has a high return on investment. A new door can increase curb appeal, and if you’re thinking about selling your house in the future, it can also help you fetch a better price.

Aside from aesthetics, a new garage door can boost safety. Older doors may lack modern entrapment prevention sensors that keep the door from closing if an object is detected. Some newer models even let owners monitor the status of these sensors through their smartphones.

Newer openers are more energy efficient than older ones, too. Many of them use rolling codes that change every time you operate the door, which keeps burglars from stealing your code and opening your garage. This feature alone can save you much money on your utility bills.


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