Tips for Crystal Lovers in a New Home

Tips for Crystal Lovers in a New Home

If you’re passionate about crystals, it’s likely that you’ll want to continue your obsession in whatever home you move to. However, it can be easy to lose interest in crystals amid the chaos of settling into a new home, especially if your crystals are out of sight—and so out of mind—for some time.

Then, if you’re worried about losing your passion for crystals, here are some top tips for crystal lovers in their new home.

Choose the Right Crystals for It

You should see your new abode as an opportunity to start afresh with your crystals and reignite your love for them. You can do this by spending some time considering the crystals that you want to display in your space and those that you believe will be appropriate for your current situation.

For instance, you might opt for amethyst, which can create peacefulness in your rooms, rose quartz to improve your relationships and spread love within your four walls, and black tourmaline to ward against negative energy and promote positivity. By having these spread around your home, you might be able to create the atmosphere that you have always dreamed about and ensure that you enjoy every second that you spend at home.

Hire Movers and Packers

However, before you start to think about what crystals you want to put on show or buy for your house, you should first consider how you’re going to get your crystals there. If you have a large collection, you might not simply be able to transport these in your own vehicle.

You might instead have to hire movers and packers from companies such as Shiply. They will be able to ensure that all your crystals are wrapped and driven safely to their new destination. This will mean that they can arrive without damage and that you can get straight on with unpacking them as soon as they arrive on your doorstep.

Downsize Your Collection

Whether you’re moving to a smaller home, or your collection has started to get out of control, moving house can give you the opportunity to downsize your collection.

By doing this, you’ll be able to sell any crystals that you don’t need or that don’t give you joy anymore, and make space for other crystals that can benefit your life more. This means that you should try to be ruthless with your collection, and list any crystals that you want to part with on websites such as eBay.

Display Your Crystals Well

It’s easy for crystals to look a mess, though, especially when you’ve only just moved into your home and have yet to unpack every item that you own properly. Displaying your crystals well is important, though, as this can put a smile on your face and add to the aesthetics of your home. Some display ideas include lit-up cabinets that can make your crystals glow, or shelving that will allow you to present all your prized possessions in a neat and ordered way.


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