The Strength of a Floor Spring: How They Can Transform Your Home

The Strength of a Floor Spring

Are you fed up with the upstairs door slamming when it’s windy? Are you also looking for a way to have some internal doors fitted without the need for the obvious (and sometimes ugly) door hinges?

If the answer is yes, then you will need to learn as much as you can about floor springs!

What Is a Floor Spring?

Unless you have worked in door installation, you probably need a bit of help with the definition of a floor spring. Floor springs are those nifty mechanisms that are fitted underneath doors to control the movement of the door. They are commonly seen and installed in homes that require door opening to be smoother without the need for visible hinges. This enhances the design of the door and the home, as they are sleek and easy to fit. 

So, how can you use them to transform the functionality and look of your home?

Optimise The Space

As mentioned before, door hinges and even door frames can take up quite a lot of space, meaning that a room that is already tight can feel even smaller. By having a floor spring fitted, you can ensure that even the smallest rooms in your home look more spacious and minimalist. This will add an obvious aesthetic, especially if you are trying to have a more modern look.

Door Choice

As odd as it sounds, having a door with a visible hinge can actually reduce the choice of doors that you can have installed, as they have to match the hinge location. So, if you opt for having floor springs fitted, you can choose from a wider range of door designs, which will create clear lines and a contemporary look. That’s ideal if you want a more modern-looking home!


If you live in a home with someone who has mobility challenges or you have mobility difficulties, then floor springs can be used to make your home more accessible. They allow doors to be opened and closed with more ease and require minimal physical effort to operate. This can open up your home and make all of it easier to navigate. Great!

Sound Control

As mentioned in the intro, there are fewer things more distracting than a door in the back of the house that is slamming because there is a slight breeze! Having floor springs installed can dampen this and offer soft close mechanisms. This can lead to a quieter home, which is ideal if you have children or babies who may be scared of loud noises.


Lastly, having floor springs fitted helps to prolong the lifespan of the door without needing to be replaced. This is, of course, assuming that that floor spring has been professionally fitted. So, if this is an option that you want to invest in, make sure that you choose a company that knows its way around a door (they are more complex than you think) and has a range of different floor springs for you to choose from.


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