The Best Layouts For A Games Room

The Best Layouts For A Games Room

If you have a spare room in your house, then turning it into a games room is a great option for utilizing a seldom-used space. Not only could it become a designated zone for enjoying a contest or two, it might even shore up some space in the lounge, study or bedroom.

Arguably the best reason for a games room for parents will be to provide a fun space for the kids. But a games room can also be the perfect place for the grown-ups, so let’s check out your options.

The Compromise

You don’t have to go the whole hog! If you have a spare bedroom but still want the option for its use as a bedroom if you’ve friends/family over, you can do both.

Your best bet is to lose the bed and replace it with a sofa or couch bed. In recent years these have become remarkably sophisticated, so while you might be compromising, you and your guests can still enjoy the comfort of both a great couch and comfortable bed respectively.

It’s also a good point at which to begin planning the space. Start with the position of the couch (bear in mind the space required to accommodate its bed incarnation) and work around there.

It’s also a good option if you like a place to play poker but are quite happy with a spot of online bingo around the house. However, there will be those who want to commit fully to the games room without compromise, but first…

What do you want it for?

We mentioned the kids earlier. Here is an opportunity to create a space in which they can relax and play games.

But to ensure they don’t just spend all their time glued to the console, ensure books and drawing implements are keenly available.

Even if you’re only paying lip service to stuff that doesn’t involve screens, try not to make the TV/console the main focus of the space. Keep it super comfortable with plenty of soft furnishings in addition to desks and chairs for (hopefully) study.

Don’t forget to provide plenty of storage space. Not only will it encourage the kids to keep their game space tidy, you might be able to lose a few unsightly items from their bedrooms too.

Work the décor around your Game

The gaming room needn’t be vast. A box room with enough space to accommodate a TV, console, chair and table is all you need for GTA 4 sessions and similar.

But if you’re planning on streaming your games live, bold, bright colours will work, just make sure you judiciously use a bit of neon or black light to give it that futuristic feel.

Things get a little more complex if you want a more traditional space for a classic casino game, like poker or baccarat. Sure, you can just whack in a card table and some chairs, but where’s the fun in that?

How about checking out some décor in one of the many famous casinos that have inspired you? The keyword here would be ‘cosy’ with a touch of understated glamour and think mood-lighting in terms of illumination.

As for the kids, I’m sure they’ll be only happy to tell you how they want theirs!

Plan Ahead

Traditional casino games, or even a place to play a board game or a favourite from a deck of cards, don’t require much electricity. But if you’re planning on multiple electronic games that need power, you’re going to need to do some additional thinking.

Lately, there’s been a spike in the interest for retro arcade games. Installing these machines isn’t as simple as dragging one upstairs with the help of a neighbour.

You’re going to need to provide a dedicated power point for each unit. It’s not just a question of an unsightly socket crowded with plugs, it’s a matter of safety, we even advise that genuinely old-retro units are professionally safety-checked.

Get a Bar

Some of the most popular game rooms are inspired by traditional bars. Games like pool and snooker have often led to punters installing their own tables/boards in their homes.

You can have loads of fun with this idea, just make the room you’re intending to usurp can tolerate the equipment. For example, a pool or snooker table needs a sturdy floor (read that as ‘ground floor’) on which to stand, with plenty of room to pull back a cue from any angle.

But if you don’t have the room, a bar billiards table is a good option, as is the classic darts board. And that’s good advice on which to end, choose the game to suit the space and you’re on the right lines for the perfect games room.


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