Real Estate Services – The Key to Unlocking Your Dream Home

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Finding the perfect home in today’s market can be challenging. Having an agent who is a knowledgeable negotiator, marketer, and financing guru can help you navigate the process.

Residential real estate includes new construction and resale homes. Commercial real estate consists of places of business, such as hospitals and schools.


Real estate services are the bundle of professional real estate sales activities offered by residential Realtors or brokers. They are typically paid commission on the sale of a home by their seller clients. The real estate market is competitive, and new services are constantly emerging to assist buyers and sellers with their transactions. It’s important to compare services and reviews from Atlanta realtors to decide which one you should go with


The most crucial aspect of negotiating Raleigh, NC real estate is being prepared and knowing your goals. A backup plan will allow you to walk away from a deal if needed, such as finding another property to invest in or renting a more extended period.

Being direct with the seller is also important. Be bold and ask the tough questions, such as whether or not there are back taxes owed on the property or foundation issues that need to be addressed. Furthermore, depending on what you want, you may want to do your research first. For example, you may want to learn how to buy a Marriott timeshare resale first before going ahead with your purchase.

Data on local home prices and real estate agent commission rates will also give you leverage. If you know the fair market value of a property and it differs from the seller’s asking price, be confident in your position. Walking away from the deal is best if the numbers stay the same. This will save you from becoming entangled in a bidding war that may result in paying more than you want to.


A real estate contract is a binding agreement that outlines the details of a property sale. It should include the identity of both parties, a description of the property, and the purchase price. The contract should also detail any contingencies, terms of possession, and closing date. It should also state that the parties can legally enter into the contract. This is an essential requirement as contracts entered by minors or mentally impaired persons are void.

Consideration is also an essential part of a real estate contract. This is typically money but can be other assets like another property or a promise of performance. For example, if the seller agrees to put shelves in a pantry closet, this must be detailed in the contract. These types of details make or break a deal. A well-drafted real estate contract can reduce the time and expense of a transaction.


Inspections are vital parts of the real estate process. An appraiser determines the value of a property, while inspectors assess the condition of a building or property. For example, home inspectors check a residence’s safety and structural integrity; commercial inspections examine code compliance in new or altered buildings before a certificate of occupancy is issued.

Real estate agents can also conduct an appraisal to compile a comparable market analysis, a document used to help buyers understand the pricing of similar properties in the area. The mortgage lender typically performs an appraisal and home inspection before closing.

Home Inspection Reports

Most real estate agents and mortgage lenders recommend that clients have a home inspection before they sign a contract to purchase a property. A home inspector will examine the exterior and interior of the house, checking for things like:

The home inspector will write a report on their findings. The information will include:

  • Images.
  • A summary of the inspection.
  • An explanation of each observation’s meaning.

It will also note the weather conditions and any inaccessible areas during the inspection, such as locked doors or tenants’ possessions.

The home inspector will identify significant defects or safety hazards and recommend repair. These repairs can often be negotiated into the sale price, or buyers can back out of the deal if they are too severe. The home inspection will also give buyers a realistic idea of the maintenance necessary for their new home, helping them set their expectations accordingly.


Once both parties have approved the purchase agreement and the mortgage has been vetted, it’s time for closing. On closing day, property ownership is formally transferred to the buyer.

During the closing process, a neutral third party called an escrow agent will handle all the funding and documents involved in the real estate transaction. Having pre-approval for a mortgage and purchasing title insurance early in the home buying process can help buyers get to closing faster.

Buyers must deposit funds into escrow, including their down payment and pre-determined closing costs. It’s a good idea for buyers to perform a final walkthrough before closing to ensure no damage has occurred between the last walkthrough and the date of their purchase.


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