On-the-Job Injury: Should the Employer Be Liable to Pay Compensation?

On-the-Job Injury

No one ever goes to work believing that something bad is going to happen to them, however, no matter how cautious someone may be, a workplace accident can literally strike anyone and drastically affect their life.

They may not be able to work for a while, or in some instances, even ever. Now, the question is, if something like this occurs, can an employee rely on the workers’ compensation claim, and what do we know about it? If you’re curious about it, then keep scrolling to find out more!

What Can Be Said About The Workers’ Compensation?

Also known as workers’ comp, it represents a program issued by the government that offers different benefits to people who have sustained an injury at work or became ill because of it. Moreover, it can be perceived as a disability insurance program that offers workers a variety of different healthcare and money benefits.

Of course, both of these things depend on the state you reside in and its rules. Now, if by any chance, you filed for a workers’ compensation claim, and a particular doctor and treatment were assigned to you, yet you do not notice any improvement, then it would be wise to take a look at pacificworkers.com article about workers’ compensation second opinion to see what you can do in these sorts of situations. After all, it’s your health and life, and you deserve at least a second opinion, if not even the third.

Does It Cover Pain And Suffering That Were Caused By The On-The-Job Injury?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. It doesn’t cover. Namely, it only covers medical expenses that you’ve had because of the injury, along with the lost salary, and financial support. Now, if you firmly believe that you must be compensated for the pain and suffering you endured, then the only option you have is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Only then you increase the chances of receiving the compensation you deserve, of course, if you manage to hunt down a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer who has dealt with similar cases like yours and was successful.

Is It Expensive To Hire An Attorney In These Instances?

We have good news for you as far as this is concerned. Namely, a vast majority of advocates work on a contingency basis in these instances, which means that your solicitor will get a certain amount of cash only if you win.

On the other hand, if God forbid, you lose, you won’t need to pay him or her anything. Still, we would like to remind you that there’s a chance you might be dealing with specific out-of-pocket costs even if you do not win.

These typically involve things like obtaining medical records, the cost of depositions, fees intended for court, independent medical examinations, and various other things. Therefore, it would be smart to discuss these potential costs before you pick any lawyer.

Getting yourself familiar with workers’ compensation is always a good idea because you can never tell when you’re going to need all that information, so be sure to carefully go through this article to stay informed.


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