Office First Aid Preparedness: A Curated List of Essential Supplies

Office First Aid Preparedness: A Curated List of Essential Supplies

Are you an office manager? If yes, you need to be prepared for injuries and illnesses. The way to do this is to get employees first aid ready and ensure there are first aid kits stationed around your office’s interior, ideally in easy reach. Having first aid kits to hand means that if anybody does get injured, their injuries can be treated quickly and effectively.

Training is also important. Make sure employees know what to do with first aid kits so they can respond to their colleagues’ injuries correctly. Keep reading to find out about what specific supplies need to be included in your first aid kits.

First Aid Kits

You don’t necessarily have to put first aid kits together yourself. It’s entirely possible to buy portable cloth first aid kits that you can put in cases around your office. Buying pre-made first aid kits is considerably easier than compiling kits yourself.

If you are going to buy a kit that has already been made, buy it from a reliable vendor with good reviews and a solid reputation. The better a company’s reputation is, the more likely it is their kits are going to contain everything you need.

Antibacterial Gel

Antibacterial gel is a great investment to make for your first aid kits. Employees should always disinfect their hands before they begin treating everybody’s injuries. In addition to antibacterial gel, make sure that you invest in disinfectant. Disinfectant can be used to clean wounds.

Make sure that you buy disinfectant wipes designed for use on open wounds. Do not buy disinfectant wipes used for cleaning surfaces, though. You cannot use wipes that are used for this kind of thing on wounds, as the chemicals are much harsher and more dangerous.

Quality Bandages

Inside your first aid kits, you need to make sure that there are bandages present. Having bandages inside your kit can help if anybody cuts themselves or has an open wound. Make sure that you train your employees to use bandages properly so that they can stop bleeding.

If they are not able to stop bleeding, they are not going to be able to help the people whose injuries they are treating. If open wounds are left untreated and injuries are allowed to continue to bleed, employees could end up losing a lot of blood and ultimately consciousness.

Anti-burn Cream

Burns can be very painful. Some burns should not be treated with anti-burn cream and instead ambulances should be called immediately. For more minor burns such as steam burns or mild scoldings, you can use anti burn cream to quell your employees’ suffering.

If you are going to buy anti bone cream, make sure you get it from a reliable vendor with good reviews. Some creams are more effective than others. You need to find the most effective cream you can. To do this, conduct extensive online research and find a provider that has creams developed by researchers and scientists.

First aid preparedness is important. In your office, you need to have first aid kits around. Having these kits around can stop people’s bleeding and treat their injuries.


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