Myths vs. Facts: Are Wolf Spiders Poisonous to Cats?

Spiders of any kind can send most humans running, so facing a large wolf spider could be a positively terrifying experience. Cats don’t seem to have the same fear and may even think of this arachnid as a new plaything. 

If you live in an area with wolf spiders, you may be asking yourself, “Are wolf spiders poisonous to cats.” If this question has crossed your mind, we’ve got answers for you. Read on to learn about this arachnid and what happens if your feline gets too close. 

All About Wolf Spiders

With their hairy bodies, many eyes, and large size, wolf spiders are the definition of creepy crawly. Wolf spiders chase their prey and catch it like a wolf instead of using a traditional web. This unique way of getting prey is how they get their name. 

Most of the 2,400 species of wolf spiders live in the United States, although you can find them around the world. They love long grass but will live anywhere they can find their favorite food of bugs. 

A wolf spider’s body is usually brown or gray to blend in with their surroundings. They can be .25 inches to over three inches in length! 

If a wolf spider enters a threatening situation, it can bite. The good news is that wolf spider bites aren’t usually strong enough to kill a person. 

Help: My Cat Ate a Wolf Spider 

Wolf spiders don’t love crowds. They’ll usually stay away from your pets. If you have an extra curious cat, they may decide to play with a wolf spider if they come across one. 

If your cat eats a wolf spider, they may throw it up. If the wolf spider stays in your cat’s belly, your cat may not feel great but the venom shouldn’t kill your cat. 

My Cat Got a Wolf Spider Bite 

If a wolf spider does bite your cat, it can cause harm but usually won’t kill your cat. The wolf spider’s venom isn’t strong enough to inflict serious health problems on your cat. 

If your cat does get a bite, they are most at risk for a bacterial infection. Some pets can also be allergic to the venom of a wolf spider. 

With all of their fur, it can be hard to know if your cat has gotten bitten. You’ll want to always check your cat’s skin for signs of bites, especially if they are acting sick. 

How to Keep Wolf Spiders Away

Getting rid of wolf spiders  requires a combination of cleaning, sealing entry points, and using insecticides. When in doubt, professional exterminators can help get this job done for you.  

Are Wolf Spiders Poisonous to Cats: The Bottom Line

Although wolf spiders look scary, they aren’t as harmful to your cats as they appear. If your cat gets too close to a wolf spider and you end up wondering, “Are wolf spiders poisonous to cats,” make sure to call your vet for help. This is the best way to keep your feline family members safe. 

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