Miami’s Hottest Neighborhoods: Brickell and Edgewater

As one of the largest and by far the most visited cities in The Sunshine State of Florida, Miami is home to a number of popular neighborhoods. From the Upper Eastside to Coral Gables on the west, The Magic City is filled with wonderful scenery, stunning highrises, and vibrant art in all shapes and forms.

Today, we will dive deeper into two of the most attractive areas in the city – the neighborhoods of Edgewater and Brickell. Let’s see what living in the feels like and what exactly makes them the hottest neighborhoods in Miami.

Edgewater Is More Easy-Going

Situated at the heart of Miami, Edgewater offers a blend of urban living alongside residential comforts. Spread across the shores of Biscayne Bay, and the 8-acre Margaret Pace Park, Edgewater is ideal for anyone looking for a relaxed and luxurious lifestyle near Miami Beach.

Although very walkable and near many attractions, such as the Downtown Arts District, the Wynwood Arts District, the Design District, and South Beach, Edgewater is often overlooked by tourists, allowing residents to escape the noise.

While Edgewater already features a substantial number of bayfront condos and luxury residences along its coastline, the neighborhood is in a phase of dynamic growth. More luxury condominiums, restaurants, and grocery stores are currently in development, adding to its ever-evolving urban landscape.

Brickell: Urban and Ambition-Driven

Brickell, on the other hand, feels entirely different. It is home to several international corporate headquarters, and its staggering skyscrapers, along with its dense population, rightfully earned the busy neighborhood the nickname “Manhattan of the South.”

While Brickell may not be considered as family-oriented as Edgewater, it also appeals to young and ambitious professionals, including families who appreciate the convenience of living near their corporate offices. Additionally, there are schools in the area, making it a feasible choice for those seeking a work-life balance. 

It looks and feels modern and urban. Brickell also has plenty of world class restaurants, shopping centers, and a vibrant but mature nightlife, so that it’s not exactly “all work and no fun.”

Corporate vs Residential

As we already mentioned, Brickell is known for its corporate environment. What we failed to mention is that it is actually the second-largest financial center south of New York. Professionals who want to get deals done over dinner and then walk their way home will most certainly love living in Brickell.

In contrast, Edgewater has only a handful of shared workspaces, offices, and commercial buildings. It feels much more “homey,” and rather than suits and briefcases, you can expect to see your friendly neighbors going for their morning stroll or bike ride. Professionals who prefer to do their job at the office and unwind when they get home would definitely prefer Edgewater over Brickell.

Luxury Condos Abound in Both Neighborhoods

Until a relatively short time ago, Edgewater remained an overlooked district primarily inhabited by blue-collar households residing in modest bungalows. It’s only in recent times that it has transformed into a sanctuary for upscale condos and towering structures, elevating its architectural landscape to unprecedented heights.

Nowadays, there are plenty of architectural beauties such as Paramount Bay, Elysee, and Missoni Baia that you can find in the neighborhood. And because the area is still developing, the interest in luxurious Miami Edgewater condos is incredibly high.

Similarly, while there are low-rise and mid-rise condos in Old Brickell, its northern area is full of high-rise, residential and commercial skyscrapers.

Even though the neighborhood is already densely populated, everyone wants a piece of its upscale urban lifestyle, so there are plenty of real estate developments in it as well.

Brickell Offers More Dining and Shopping Variations

When it comes to fine dining and shopping sprees, there is only one choice – Brickell is undoubtedly the better neighborhood for reckless spending. There is nothing at Edgewater that can compete with the shopping centers such as Mary Brickell Village, Brickell City Center, and all along Brickell Avenue.

While there are plenty of cafes and places to eat at Edgewater, they are casual bayfront community eateries. The restaurants and shops available in Brickell are upscale and intended to impress corporate clients, so it is no wonder they are a class above.

Edgewater Wins with the Access to Miami’s Art Scene 

The best of Miami’s art scene can be found in a few areas within close proximity to Edgewater. 

The Downtown Art District is one walk, or a bike ride away, from any residence in Edgewater, and it is home to many art galleries, venues, performing arts centers, and studios. Some of the most visited venues include the Adrienne Arsht Center, Ziff Opera House, Perez and Frost Museums, and the American Airlines Arena.

It is also not too far from the famous Wynwood street art street, and the Design District, which is also home to art galleries and venues such as the Moore Building, the de la Cruz Collection, and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

While Brickell is not that close to these attractions, it still offers convenient transportation options that can take you to the Downtown Art District, from where you can make your way to most of the venues we mentioned above.

Getting Around the Neighborhoods

Even though it is a coastal neighborhood, Edgewater’s central location makes it very walkable and in close proximity to most of the desirable locations in Miami. 

Some of the attractions and amenities you can expect to visit by foot, or by bicycle from Edgewater include:

  • Perez Art Museum
  • Frost Science Museum
  • Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
  • Museum Park
  • Wynwood Arts District 
  • The Design District 
  • The Miami-Dade College Wolfson Campus

Moreover, Edgewater has its own Metromover stop, which means its residents can take advantage of the Metrorail and Brightline trains and go essentially everywhere in Florida.

Brickell is also very walkable, and it has a Metromover that provides convenient access to the core downtown area via the Brickell loop. Additionally, the Metromover connects residents to other train lines, providing convenient transit options to popular destinations like Wynwood and Coconut Grove.

It is worth pointing out that Brickell also has a free trolley and a very affordable airport shuttle that runs every 20 minutes.

Edgewater Is Greener

Greenery is one area in which Edgewater clearly has the upper hand over Brickell.

In the heart of the neighborhood lies the expansive Margaret Pace Park, adorned with meandering pathways and thriving mangrove forests. This green oasis caters to a wide spectrum of outdoor and athletic pursuits. 

In Edgewater, residents can find an array of courts for basketball, volleyball, and tennis enthusiasts, along with opportunities for water-based adventures like wakeboarding and kayaking.

In contrast, Brickell boasts a handful of parks, yet they can’t match the lush green spaces of Edgewater. It does, however, offer a few tranquil, shaded walking trails and a serene waterfront promenade, where residents can momentarily escape the bustling urban surroundings.

Which One Is Pricier to Live in?

The cost of living in these two Miami hotspots can vary significantly due to the differences in lifestyle, amenities, and overall vibe.

In Edgewater, the cost of living tends to be more moderate compared to Brickell. With its emphasis on tranquility and residential living, Edgewater offers a balanced mix of affordability and upscale features. 

The neighborhood’s growing number of luxury condominiums and amenities contribute to its attractiveness without necessarily breaking the bank. The average price for an Edgewater condo is around $386 per square foot, or $502,715 per unit.

On the other hand, Brickell’s status as the “Manhattan of the South” comes with a price tag to match its corporate prestige. The sleek skyscrapers, international businesses, and upscale dining and shopping options do elevate the cost of living in Brickell.

Prospective residents must weigh their desire for a vibrant, fast-paced lifestyle against the expenses that accompany it. While the average price for a Brickell condo is around $399 per square foot or $530,966 per unit, there are also listings that exceed $2 million.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it – the ins and outs of Miami’s hottest neighborhoods. They’re both fantastic, yet inherently distinct, catering to different preferences.

One might be a better fit for some individuals seeking a tranquil coastal lifestyle, while the other suits those who thrive in a bustling corporate ambiance. Your choice depends on whether you’re drawn to Edgewater’s relaxed charm or Brickell’s vibrant energy. 

In any case, these neighborhoods underscore Miami’s versatility as a city that offers not only pristine beaches and abundant sunshine, but also a diverse range of neighborhoods that cater to various lifestyles.


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