Common Types of Lyft Accident Cases Handled by Attorneys

Finding a Reliable Lawyer for Your Needs

Lyft shared rides are one of the most convenient modern means of transport for many people living in urban settings. As their utility increases, so does the number of accidents. If you are involved in such an accident, you are eligible for total compensation for all the injuries and losses.

Depending on the impact intensity, you are likely to suffer from minor injuries such as cuts and bruises or severe damages like broken bones and spinal cord injuries. Lyft drivers injured while on duty due to negligence should hire an experienced attorney to help seek justice. Pedestrians who get hit by Lyft vehicles will require the services of a lawyer to file a lawsuit for fair compensation.

Here are the common types of Lyft accident cases handled by attorneys:

Common Lyft, Car Accident Cases, Handled by Lawyers

  1. Lyft Passenger Injuries

We all board Lyft rides because of their accessibility and convenience when maneuvering around the city. However, unfortunate things happen on our roads, and you may be involved in a horrible accident with nowhere to start. You deserve compensation if you incur minor injuries like bruises or major ones like broken bones.

A Lyft accident attorney can help passengers navigate the legal process to get a settlement for current and future medical bills. Injuries make you unproductive at work, so the boss might release you on unpaid leave. When such a thing happens, the insurance company should compensate you for the lost wages for the months you cannot work.

  1. Lyft Driver Injuries

So, did you think only passengers required compensation for injuries in a Lyft accident? Well, drivers, too, get injuries while on duty, especially if hit by another motorist. A driver can also hire an attorney to file a lawsuit against the other driver for negligence.

A Lyft accident attorney helps file claims against the other driver’s insurance company. They understand the insurance coverage of Lyft vehicles that could hinder or promote a strong case. Such a legal executive can gather all the vital evidence and convince the judge you are innocent.

  1. A Lyft Accident Attorney for Pedestrian Accidents

A child is walking in the neighborhood and gets hit by a Lyft vehicle that came to drop off your neighbor. The insurance company should pay compensation if the driver was busy accepting another ride and slipped onto the walking path to hit a pedestrian.

If this is your child, you should hire a Lyft accident attorney to help you seek justice. Unexpected injuries require you to break your savings to attend to your child. The lawyer must collect enough evidence to claim compensation for the medical bills, pain, and suffering your child has gone through.

  1. Lyft Bicyclist Accidents

You should get a bicycle if you want to save money for office transport. Although this is a healthy means of transport, negligent Lyft drivers can hit you. Getting a Lyft accident attorney to establish a liability claim against the driver is wise for proper settlement.


Different types of Lyft accidents require a unique approach to fair compensation for the victims. Hiring an experienced lawyer in those fields will increase the chances of winning your case against the insurance company.


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