Is Trenchless Sewer Repair Worth It? Here’s What to Know

Is Trenchless Sewer Repair Worth It? Here’s What to Know

There are many benefits to repairing your sewer without digging and repairing it directly. Some people have many problems utilizing traditional methods of dealing with sewer problems so they need different ones that will get the job done in another way. Here, we will explain why it is often better to go with the trenchless method when dealing with sewer issues and what kind of benefits it can bring to any project you do. 


Even though you will have to pay these people most likely more because of the scarcity of people who know how to do these techniques and the material being more expensive, it is still most likely cheaper to go with these techniques than with traditional ones.

Traditional methods usually require that you call in an excavator, which is not cheap at all. Also, you will have to pay for all that they have damaged regarding the street and other infrastructure. You should just ask people who do the traditional method how much everything will cost for the job done and how much for restoration. 

Noise levels

One big problem for people living in populated areas is noise complaints. The people who complain sometimes are unreasonable but some people cannot endure any noise at all. Also, some areas do not allow a lot of noise to be made.

All of these are problems when you intend to bring an excavation crew and people with jackhammers next to your house. Even if it is not a problem for the people around you, it will still be better if you go with a method that creates much less noise and leaves you with fewer headaches.

By utilizing trenchless water line repair, you will achieve just that. You and the workers do the work from the seclusion of your home without your neighbors even knowing about it.

Environmental preservation

If you want to care for the planet in every way possible, then utilizing traditional sewer pipe treatment methods would not be a smart idea. When you dig up all the soil outside your home, you must realize that you have most likely destroyed some habitats.

If you want to avoid this, you need to pick methods that will do as little damage as possible, and trenchless methods are the way to go. The experts will do just a little bit of drilling or, in some techniques, no drilling at all, which is great because it does not disturb the soil at all and all the wildlife in it is secure.

Surface disruption

For people who live in urban areas, it would not be so suitable that they use traditional ways to deal with sewer underground pipeline problems. Using these methods will most likely damage a lot of surface area around your home.

Even the most skilled excavation workers cannot make holes in the ground without damaging its surface. Also, people who love how the surface outside their home looks, how they organize their garden, and all the elements in it, should think carefully about letting in an excavator and other machinery and equipment in that beautiful oasis.

By getting plumbers who know these techniques, you do not have to worry about these things at all. They will do everything from your home and make as little mess as possible.

Reduced impact on daily life

Many people hate when something interferes with their daily routine. They are extremely careful when walking outside so that they do not get themselves dirty. If you are one of these people, why should you make your life harder by having a whole excavation team around your home who do not let you exit your property fully without jumping over trenches and equipment?

Some people, when they disturb their routines, cannot function properly. Make sure that the experts do the job the fastest way and that they disturb you as little as possible.


When plumbers utilize one of these methods, they usually use materials that are much better than the ones that were there before. This means that you will most likely forget the last time you had problems with your sewer pipeline.

Also, what this means is that you are saving money because you are getting material that lasts longer so you do not have to change the pipes often. Using durable materials can also be good for the environment because less material is used over time.

Finding the experts

One big problem with deciding to go with trenchless sewer repair is that you may find it difficult to find people who know how to do it, and even more importantly, who are good at it.

Since it is a modern technique, it is understandable why there are not as many people who know how to use it. Also, since there is a need for different equipment, some plumbers cannot afford it for now to do these techniques because they do not have the tools for the job.

What you need to do is go online and see whether you have local plumbers who do this job and then you have to find out how good they are at what they do. See if you can find reviews on their website or even better, if you could contact someone who has worked with them before. 


Another big problem for plumbers is that they cannot easily detect what is wrong with the pipeline because they do not see it directly. They have to resort to different tools and their experience if they want to do the job the right way. What is also a big problem is that the owner of the property cannot properly see whether the job is done well or not until some time after they have packed their things and gone.

What we can see is that this type of sewer repair is worth it for many reasons. Some people require different ways for problems to be dealt with, and with sewer repair, thankfully, there are many different solutions to the same problem.


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