Is Lori Harvey Related to Steve Harvey? Her Biological Dad

who is lori harvey biological father

Lori Harvey is a prominent figure in the world of fashion and entertainment. She has garnered attention not only for her successful career but also for her intriguing family background. There has been a lot of curiosity about Lori Harvey and Steve Harvey. Many people wonder, “Is Lori Harvey related to Steve Harvey?”

The truth is that Lori is the stepdaughter of renowned television personality and comedian Steve Harvey. Steve married her mother, Marjorie Bridges, in 2007. But Lori’s biological father remains unknown.

Steve Harvey is an American comedian, actor, author, television and radio personality born on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia. After initially becoming known for his observational humor, he later gained fame for his self-help advice, particularly regarding relationships.

Is Lori Harvey Related to Steve Harvey?

Lori Harvey is an American figure known for her role as a model, entrepreneur, and socialite. She was born on January 13, 1997. Marjorie Harvey (formerly Bridges) is her mother, and comedian Steve Harvey has embraced her as his adoptive daughter.

Who Is the Biological Dad of Lori Harvey?  

Steve Harvey, a comedian, host, and actor, is very close to his daughter Lori Harvey. It may surprise many to learn that Lori is not his biological daughter.

Steve is a famous figure in the internet limelight and recently asked his fans on Twitter which comedian doesn’t make them laugh. Additionally, rumors circulated about his wife Marjorie’s alleged infidelity with his bodyguard and personal chef. 

He clarified that he and his wife were happy which led to the termination of his social media manager. Steve’s family continues to attract attention, particularly his daughter Lori, who has a loyal following. But the revelation here is that Lori is not Steve’s biological daughter; she is his adopted child.

Steve Harvey has been married three times since 1981: first to Marcia Harvey for four years, then to Mary Lee Harvey for nine years. He married Marjorie Elaine Harvey in 2007.

Her high-profile social outings with friends and family often make headlines. She has many admirers who are fascinated with both her personal and professional lives.

Steve Harvey exhibits a family dynamic that transcends biological bonds. However, there is a complexity to his relationship with his son Broderick.

Who is Lori Harvey’s Biological Mother?

Lori Harvey's Mother
Lori Harvey with mother Marjorie Bridges (via Instagram)

Lori Harvey’s biological mother is Marjorie Harvey (Bridges). She has three sisters and three brothers, making a total of six siblings.

Lori was born during Marjorie’s divorce proceedings with her ex-husband. She had Lori after she divorced Jim Townsend and entered a relationship with Donnell Woods.

Is Donnell Woods Lori Harvey’s Biological Father?

Lori Harvey is widely believed to be the biological daughter of Donnell Woods. This claim has not been confirmed or denied by Lori or Donnell publicly. Lori was born during Marjorie’s involvement with Donnell.

Is Jim Townsend Lori Harvey’s Father?

who is lori harvey real dad

While most signs point to Donnell Woods as Lori’s father, some suggest Jim Townsend might be the mysterious father figure. Marjorie and Townsend’s relationship faced challenges in 1992 when Townsend received a sentence of life for cocaine possession. 

It was determined that the FBI and the DEA had investigated Marjorie’s involvement in the case, but no case was brought against her.

Marjorie fell in love again with Steve Harvey after splitting from Donnell. Steve and the model entrepreneur got married in 2007, marking the third time as the charm.

During this period, the actor divorced twice. He had four kids from past relationships. With Lori’s two biological siblings, Morgan Harvey (35) and Jason Harvey (31), he decided to adopt her.

Lori, the youngest among them, openly expresses her admiration for Steve. He has made it his responsibility to help Lori find the right partner in her romantic journey since he is such a role model. Steve Harvey has served as Lori Harvey’s father figure for many years.

Lori Harvey’s Siblings

How many children did Steve Harvey adopt?

Lori Harvey grew up with a loving family, irrespective of her biological father. She enjoyed the love of a caring mother, a loving father, and a supportive group of siblings.

She was surrounded by step-siblings due to her connection with Stever. From Steve’s first marriage, Karli and Brandi Harvey were among them.

Steve Harvey, the well-known personality, is a father to two more sons – Broderick Harvey from his first marriage and Wynton Harvey from his second.

Steve and Lori share such a close relationship that one might mistake him for her biological father. The essence of family remains at the core of Lori Harvey’s life, irrespective of her father’s popularity.


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