Improve Your Office Space With These Easy Suggestions

Improve Your Office Space

Working in an office has evolved over the past several years with many people working from home during the pandemic and now coming back into the office a few days a week. Due to the big shift in office culture and office life, managers and business owners have to reconsider their approach to the office space. If your office is still relatively the same after many years, it may be time to make some upgrades and changes to make it a more comfortable and productive space. Read below to get some suggestions on how to improve your office space.

Purchase Some Standing Desk

Standing desks are all the rage in the modern office space and have proven to battle workday fatigue and improve productivity. If you integrate just a few communal standing desks into your office space or replace all desks with standing desks, then you give all employees the option to work sitting or standing.

The way that these desks work is that you can lower and lift them to the level you prefer and if you get tired of standing, you can go back to a sitting position by simply lowering the desk again. Some people even put walking treadmills under their standing desks so that they can simultaneously get exercise while working.

Hire A Regular Cleaner

Signing up for a daily or weekly cleaner can make a huge difference in an office space. If you run an office with more than ten people, then you should invest in a daily commercial cleaning service through websites like that offer all types of cleaning services. From daily desk cleaning to weekly floor sweeping and mopping, integrating a cleaning routine into the office is a must. This is especially important in the post-pandemic world where everyone is worried about keeping clean, especially in communal spaces. 

This may even be a good negotiating point when trying to get workers to come back to the office a few days a week. If you can guarantee that they will be working in a clean and sanitary environment every day, then people will be likely to come back.

Update The Decor

Decor in an office, from wall hangings to sofas to conference room furniture, is an important part of establishing a certain vibe in the spaces that are inhabited. An office should be updated at least every five years to keep up with the times and keep things exciting. Employees get bored of staring at the same paintings every day and sitting in the same old conference room chairs. 

Along the lines of updating decor, lighting should also be taken into account. Many old offices have harsh lights that can be bothersome to workers and even deter people from getting any work done. Try for a softer lighting approach to make employees feel more comfortable at work.

Every office space is unique and requires different things, but if you stick to these three suggestions, you will have laid a good foundation for any other changes that your office space may need. Never hesitate to send out surveys to your employees to see what kinds of improvements they would prefer. This creates an office where everyone feels like their voice is being heard.


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