Important Features to Include in Your Branded Event App

Important Features to Include in Your Branded Event App

With the digital age, organizing and attending events and conferences is easier, more efficient, and more engaging, largely due to event and conference apps. These have revolutionized the way attendees interact with events, and they provide a more seamless experience right at their fingertips. If your brand is looking to host successful events, having a branded app tailored to the specific needs of attendees can make the difference.

But what should your branded app have? How can you stand out and give attendees what they’re looking for? Here are a few of the most important features every branded event/conference app should include.

Custom Branding Is a Must-Have

Any event apps for conferences should reflect the branding and aesthetics of the event or the organization hosting it. Ideally, the app will reflect both, but that’s not always possible. Customization options such as adding logos, color schemes, and branded content ensure consistency, and that reinforces your brand identity throughout the app.

Provide a Full Agenda and Schedule

A comprehensive agenda with details of sessions, speakers, and timing is crucial for attendees to plan their participation. The app should make sure users can view the schedule, create personalized agendas, and receive reminders for upcoming sessions, so they don’t miss out.

Speaker Profiles Offer Valuable Information

Provide detailed profiles of speakers, and include their bio, session topics, and links to their social media profiles or websites. This helps attendees learn more about speakers and their expertise, and that increases engagement and participation.

Other Important Tools for an Interaction Experience

Interactive Maps

Venue maps with interactive features like search, navigation, and highlighted points of interest make things easier for attendees. Integration with GPS technology can provide real-time directions to different event locations, too, so attendees never get lost.

Networking Tools

You can facilitate networking among attendees by incorporating features like attendee directories, messaging, and in-app networking events or meetups. Icebreaker games or discussion forums are also great ways to encourage interaction and connection-building.

Live Polls and Surveys

Engage attendees during sessions or presentations by letting them participate in live polls and surveys through the app. Real-time feedback not only enhances interaction but it can provide a lot of insight for speakers and organizers.

Push Notifications

Keep attendees informed and engaged with up-to-date notifications about schedule updates, session reminders, special announcements, or networking opportunities. Personalized notifications based on attendee preferences are a great way to help keep them focused on what’s next.

Live Streaming and On-Demand Content

When you enable live streaming of keynote sessions, panel discussions, or workshops for remote attendees or those unable to attend in person, you help them feel included and valued. Additionally, you can offer access to recorded sessions as on-demand content for post-event viewing.

Sponsorship and Brand Promotion

Your design should offer opportunities for sponsors and partners to showcase their brand through sponsored content, advertisements, or branded sections within the app. This generates revenue, but it also helps sponsors get seen and have more engagement.

Accessibility Features

These features are vital when you want to make sure all your attendees can use the app. Accessibility features can include things like text-to-speech, screen reader compatibility, adjustable font sizes, and language translation options.

Analytics and Insights

You’ll want to gather data on app usage, attendee engagement, session popularity, and other metrics to measure the success of your event and identify areas for improvement when you’re getting ready for the next one.

Your App Can Have a Big Impact on Your Event

A branded event/conference app that includes the most essential features can really enhance the experience for your attendees. It also helps to foster engagement and increase the impact of the event. By leveraging technology to deliver personalized, interactive, and informative experiences, your brand will create a memorable event that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who attends it.


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