How To Introduce The Clean Girl Aesthetic In Your Modest Dwelling

Clean Girl Aesthetic

The clean girl aesthetic was one of the most loved on TikTok in 2023, with millions of girls following the holy grail of the trend: no make-up make-up, sleek hair and basic outfits. For some, it’s only another silly trend on the social media platform that teenagers follow and adopt for a while. Still, for others, the clean girl aesthetic made a significant change in their lives by showing how simplicity can look powerful and expensive for every budget.

But what if you could also create the same look for your house? Well, in terms of interior design, the trend would translate to minimalistic and modern stylings. It would also include natural motifs since the clean girl aesthetic is based on looking polished but pure, so it combines a series of concepts from the Japandi and Scandinavian interiors. 

Finally, implementing this aesthetic in your home can be quickly done with fewer financial resources, so it’s a perfect project for every wallet. 

Minimalist kitchenware 

Starting from the kitchen, where the minimalist design is one of the most favoured since it gives the impression of cleanliness and effortless organisation, introducing this aesthetic is pretty straightforward. Since it asks for simple and basic-coloured things, you can get some simple tableware and stoneware that can be found almost anywhere at great prices and several designs. 

Having plates and bowls and all sorts of utensils in one colour and design makes it easier to organise them and create the vibe of a modern kitchen without purchasing expensive materials and products. At the same time, you save time and money since you know precisely what is needed to complete the look. 

Natural designs 

Besides minimalistic decorations and products around the house, you can achieve the clean girl aesthetic in home design if you introduce natural elements, from wood to stone, which are the most accessible. This is where the Japandi style comes in and offers guidance on making your house a home. 

You can look for furniture made of natural wood at discount prices or in second-hand shops, and you’ll be surprised to find long-lasting products. Earthy materials are also welcomed, and if you pair them with neutral colour palettes, such as beige, brown and green, you’ll create a balanced and calm space where you’ll feel at ease. 

Plants everywhere 

The clean girl aesthetic is all about cleanliness, so if you want to purify the air inside your house while not polluting the environment or using harmful chemicals, you should have as many plants as possible in your home. Some of the best plants used for clean air include the snake plant, Dracaena and the weeping fig, but you can basically buy any plant you like, and it’ll contribute as well. 

Of course, plants must be cared for, and they have different requirements in terms of water, air and sunlight. Hence, depending on where you live and the weather conditions, choose plants that can survive in the environment without you consistently providing natural lighting, for example. 

Organisation is key 

The clean girl aesthetic shouldn’t only target looks but also healthy habits for a good lifestyle, so this should also be adopted in home design. Therefore, you must be wary of how to organise your house and maintain cleanliness constantly in order to handle it and your busy lifestyle effortlessly. 

Organising the entire house needs to be done step by step, but it can be easily maintained little by little. For instance, when you’ve got some time on your hands, you can put your favourite playlist on and do some rapid cleaning in the bathroom instead of waiting for the end of the week and spending hours scrubbing, which will eventually tire you considerably. 

Organisation is also better done with the right appliances, so look for ideas to make your life easier. You can add more open shelves in the kitchen to avoid clutter or create more inside cabinet doors for cleaning products. 

Upgraded lighting 

Regular lightbulbs are not only tiring for the eye but also quite underwhelming when it comes to showcasing the room’s beauty. That’s where layered lighting comes in to save the situation and make your rooms look fancy with less effort and resources. This lighting technique ensures the rooms have more depth and dimension, so they can make a small room look bigger and better. At the same time, they create a generally good mood for those entering it for the first time but also a relaxing feel for you. 

You start with providing ambient lighting, which is used to luminate the entire room, so it’s the base. Ceiling fans, chandeliers and pendants are great for building up the task lighting layer, which is used to accentuate specific areas with a lot of activity. You may need bathroom vanity lights for doing your make-up in better lighting or desk lamps for writing a project at night. 

The final step is adding accent lighting, whose purpose is to showcase unique and fancy parts of the house. So, if you have a lot of wall art in the room, you can put some wall sconces to bring them out beautifully. 

Remember that trends are coming and going 

The clean girl aesthetic is only another trend among so many on social media, so you need to think throughout if you want to adopt it for longer. At the same time, it’s a pretty volatile interior design tip since it asks for minimalistic and organised tips, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to change when you get tired of it. 

Wrapping up 

The clean girl aesthetic has been trending for months on the famous TikTok platform and showcased a style where people would choose simple-looking clothes with colours like beige, white and grey. Girls would wear minimal make-up and sleek hair in a bun, wearing small accessories that would slightly be seen. But as this trend rose, it was also approached as a great interior design idea as it comes as some sort of minimalism, Japandi and Scandinavian combination. 



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