Graffiti Removal 101: How to Erase Unwanted Art From Your Property

How to Erase Unwanted Art From Your Property

Graffiti is a nuisance and can make your property look unkempt. Addressing it promptly is essential to maintain your property value and protect yourself from the potential for more vandalism.

Power washing works well for many types of graffiti on concrete. However, certain surfaces may require other methods. Some solutions include using a solvent, growing vines or other vegetation to cover walls, applying a graffiti-resistant coating, and keeping matching paint on hand to paint over the graffiti quickly.


Many chemical solvents are available for removing graffiti. Some are flammable and emit toxic fumes, so these cleaners should be used only with a vapor suppression system. They can also damage surfaces, so testing them in an inconspicuous area before using them on the entire surface is essential. Commercial solvents are typically formulated to work on various surfaces, including acetone, rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, or paint thinners.

Chemical methods that dissolve graffiti without harming the underlying surface can be very effective customized graffiti removal solutions. However, these methods often take longer to perform and require a lot of patience. If you’re in a hurry, a more aggressive method may be necessary for an urgent job.

For example, sandblasting can remove stubborn graffiti quickly, but this technique may also cause significant damage to the underlying surface. If possible, hiring a trained professional is the best way to prevent further damage and reduce the likelihood of future vandalism incidents.

Power Washing

If you want to remove graffiti quickly and efficiently, the best option is to hire a professional power-washing service. This is an effective method for removing unwanted art from various surfaces, including concrete and brick. The company will use a high-pressure power washer with chemicals to wash away the paint and disinfect the surface.

The power washing company can also apply an anti-graffiti coating to prevent future tagging. This cost-effective solution will help protect your property and reduce the risk of vandalism in the future.

Graffiti removal is essential for businesses because it can detract from the overall appearance of a building and may indicate that there is gang activity in the area. By removing it promptly, business owners can restore the original look of their building and make the area more attractive to customers and clients. In addition, some cities and municipalities require graffiti removal within a specific timeframe to avoid fines and other legal consequences.

Baking Soda

A popular cleaning method that is growing in popularity, soda blasting uses sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) under high pressure to remove paint from surfaces. This process is non-destructive and leaves the underlying surface in good condition. Unlike traditional methods such as sandblasting or harsh chemical solvents, it can safely be used on delicate materials like brick and stone.

The baking soda particles act as a gentle abrasive that loosens and lifts the graffiti from the surface without damaging it. This makes it an excellent choice for removing graffiti from historical buildings or other sensitive structures that are not easily repaired or restored.

In addition to removing graffiti, soda blasting is commonly used by disaster restoration professionals for restoring wood and aluminum. It is especially effective on smoke, soot, and char left behind by fire damage. This type of cleaner is also odorless and non-toxic, making it an excellent choice for projects that require environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Paint Over the Graffiti

Graffiti can be challenging to remove. However, you can paint over it to hide the vandalism and discourage future tagging. Before using graffiti removal products or any other cleaner on your property’s walls, test them in a small area to ensure they won’t cause damage.

For example, using acetone to remove the paint may damage the surface of your home or business. However, the higher the percentage of acetone you use, the quicker it will remove the paint.

Keep a can of matching paint handy if your property is frequently tagged. The faster you can paint over the graffiti, the less likely vandals will be to retarget your property. Use quality exterior paint, primer, and a waterproof sealer. This will help keep your home or business looking new for years to come. If you aren’t comfortable tackling the project independently, hire a professional.


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