How To Design the Perfect Man Cave

How To Design the Perfect Man Cave

Nowadays, everyone wants to have their own man cave. Imagine being able to relax and enjoy video games, music, drinks, or movies, in a specialized room right inside your home. However, before you can enjoy your man cave, you need to design it then build it first. So how do you manage everything? 

In this article we are going to learn how you can design the perfect man cave without going over budget.

Analyse your space first

Before you go ahead with planning everything you want for your man cave, first you must identify your space. Choose a room that you want to transform. It can be a spare room, a garage, or a basement, your choice. Make sure the room is big enough to store everything you want from a gaming console to a pool table.

If you care about privacy, make sure the room offers enough privacy. Bonus point if you can make the room soundproof so you can be as loud as possible and not worry about noise from outside. All in all, the room doesn’t have to be large, as it all depends on your preferences. However, it’d be awesome if there is a possibility of expanding the space in the future.

Choose a theme

Everyone has a theme that they like, from sports to movies. If you like watching NFL games for example, you’d want a football-themed man cave that is comfortable enough so you can watch the games for hours without feeling tired. While keen sports bettors need areas to do their research while browsing the markets, for example if you’re checking out the NFL odds, consider investing in a wide screen monitor so you can get the full landscape on what to expect in terms of rushing yards, total points scored, handicap markets etc.

Choosing a theme shouldn’t be too difficult, just choose anything that makes you feel happy and comfortable. You can start with your hobbies and passions. You can also combine two or more themes if you want to. Whether you are a music lover, movie connoisseur, a gamer, or a bookworm, you can choose any theme that you like. 

Choose appropriate décor items

Now it’s time to get to work. Choose décor items that you think fit the theme you chose. There is no limit to how many décor items you can put. Some people prefer putting only a few, while others prefer putting a lot of décor items.

If you’re a bookworm, you might want to invest in a few bookcases to store and show all your favorite books. If you own a few guitars, make sure you have something to hang your guitars on the walls. It’s okay to choose style over substance here, you simply cannot go wrong.

Don’t forget to paint the walls

This part is also related to the theme you chose. Paint the walls with appropriate colors to make your man cave even better. You can choose any colors that complement your décor, or you can simply choose the colors that you like.

Painting the walls has something to do with personalizing the room, making it more special. Sure, it isn’t essential, but believe me, you’ll be more comfortable in your man cave if you painted the walls with your favorite colors.

Reuse old furniture

Designing a man cave doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need to shop for new pieces of furniture since you can use what you already have. For example, you can use an old bookcase, coffee table, or chair. As long as you’re comfortable with using old furniture, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, using old furniture can make your man cave feels more special considering you have items that you like.

There is no rule that says a man cave have to be filled with new furniture. For most people, old furniture holds many memories and has sentimental values.

Aiming for a modern style

If you prefer a modern man cave, you can consider these items: a large TV, a bar area, comfortable seating, a gaming console, and smart lightning fixtures. The décor should be simple yet functional. Paint the walls in neutral colors with clean lines and you’ll have a modern man cave.

Minimalist man cave

A lot of people love minimalistic design, and if you’re one of them you can definitely have a minimalistic man cave. The aim here is to have everything you need without distractions and clutter. The trick is to use furniture with simple and clean design, this way you can add more furniture without making your man cave looks crowded.

There are many brands out there that make minimalistic furniture and other items. They are perfect for your man cave since they don’t create clutter and perfectly functional.


Designing a man cave can be a really fun project. Creating the perfect man cave is all about finding the theme that you like and fill the room with everything that you need and enjoy. Feel free to ask other people for suggestions and spend as much time as you want during the planning process.


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