How to Choose the Right Chain Link Fence Panel for Your Property

How to Choose the Right Chain Link Fence Panel for Your Property

When you want more privacy and protection, a chain link fence is a budget-friendly solution. You’ll be able to keep your property secure with a fence that doesn’t require much maintenance. But before installation, you’ll need to hammer out the details. 

Read on to find out how to choose the right chain link fence panel for your property!

Consider the Fence Height

A taller fence can offer better property security. But a fence that’s too tall can be uninviting and create a more difficult home improvement project. Most fences will be anywhere from three to six feet in height.

For most residential properties, a fence that’s closer to six feet is desirable. While a taller fence might be more prominent, you can make it more aesthetically pleasing with the right outdoor decor. Plant some evergreens in front of it or use a trellis to add warmth. 

Look at the Type of Chain Link

Not all chain link fences are made from the same materials. In general, you’ll be choosing between PVC-coated or galvanized steel. Which one you choose may hinge on your budget and cosmetic preferences. 

Galvanized steel is the cheaper choice, but you might not be as impressed with its appearance. Go with a coated option for a more refined look.

Factor in Mesh Size

When you’re investigating chain link fencing, mesh size matters. Mesh size refers to the openings between the wire in the fence panels. Usually, the mesh forms a diamond shape that adds both security and a decorative element. 

Especially if you’re hoping to amp up security, you may want a mesh size below two inches. You can find mesh sizes that are under a half inch. In most residential areas, however, a mesh size at or just above two inches is sufficient. 

Check the Wire Gauge

Wire gauge impacts the overall strength of your fence. And when your goal for a fence is better property security, you don’t want to skimp on this detail. 

The lower the number for a wire gauge, the stronger it will be. Some chain link fencing options come with 11-gauge wire, for instance. This option is strong enough to withstand dog bites and repeated pressure.

For residential properties, a nine-gauge wire offers a thicker wire and better protection, however. This gauge can stand up to bad weather or abuse. You won’t have to worry about your fence buckling under pressure or getting damaged as easily. 

Investigate Enhanced Privacy Options

Beyond the normal fence installation, you can add inserts to increase the level of privacy. These can take the form of slats or screens that help fill the mesh.

You will want to opt for a gate, as well. Gates offer a way to control access to your property. Just be sure to install your gate at a common access point closer to your home.  

Choose the Right Chain Link Fence Panel

A good chain link fence panel blends form and function. Choose a mesh size and wire gauge that offers enough strength. And look at fence height and material before installation. 

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