How the Happiest People Seek Their Forever Homes

How the Happiest People Seek Their Forever Homes

House prices across Australia increased in 2023, but real estate experts are expecting prices to come to a standstill in 2024. While this may disappoint soon-to-be sellers, this is great news for buyers. 

Still, house hunting isn’t for the faint of heart. Regardless of your financial situation, the market is competitive and offers move fast.

How are the happiest buyers finding their forever homes? What steps can you take to buy a house you love in 2024?

Read on for our top tips for finding your true forever home.

Work With an Agent

One of the biggest frustrations for buyers in 2024 is how quickly houses can sell in this competitive market. Even with rising home prices, buyers are still putting in offers within days of listings going live.

The best way to overcome the hurdle of too little time is to work with an agent. Agents can alert you to the best listings, often before they go live, giving you first dibs on great properties.

Find the Best Financing

Another major hurdle for today’s homebuyers is the high interest rates that come with pre-approved mortgages. Even with a 20% downpayment, you can still find yourself paying more than 6% in interest.

Before you secure a mortgage, consider all your options. For example, the first home buyer grant NSW can provide up to $10,000 toward the purchase or construction of a home. The more you can cover upfront, the less interest you’ll pay in the long run. 

Expand Your Horizons

Before you started the house hunt, you may have had a long list of requirements for your forever home, from location to size to number of bathrooms. Now is the time to expand your horizons, keeping in mind that the cost to renovate may decrease in coming years.

Don’t be afraid to do a thorough neighborhood exploration in 2024. Neighborhoods you may not have considered in the past may be hiding some fantastic properties that you won’t want to overlook. 

Know Your Must-Haves

Yes, you should expand your horizons, but that doesn’t mean you should drop everything on that list of requirements. Instead, be realistic about what kind of amenities you’ll find in your price range. Think in terms of your day-to-day life and what you need to find joy in your home.

Maybe your must-have is a kitchen big enough for multiple cooks. Maybe you need a nice backyard for the family dog. Having a realistic but steadfast list of must-haves can focus your search to prevent the burnout of looking at dozens of different properties.

Join the Buyers Who’ve Found Their Forever Homes

How are the happiest people finding their forever homes in 2024? They’re working with agents, finding great financing, and getting realistic about what will and won’t work for them. Use this guide to join the ranks of happy home buyers.

Looking for tips to turn your new house into your dream home? We cover all things design, from DIY projects to home renovation plans. Take a look around for the inspiration you need to design your perfect living space. 


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