How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Modern Bungalow House?

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Modern Bungalow House?

Deep cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a clean and healthy home. While daily and weekly cleaning routines may keep your house looking tidy, deep cleaning takes care of the dirt and grime that accumulate over time.

However, with our busy schedules, it can be challenging to find the time for deep cleaning. So how often should you deep clean your modern bungalow house?


Floors are the most used and abused surfaces in a home. From foot traffic to spills and pet accidents, they can quickly become dirty and unsanitary.

Depending on the type of flooring you have, you should deep clean them every 1-3 months. For carpets, vacuuming weekly is recommended, with a deep clean every 6-12 months.

Hardwood or tile floors can be mopped weekly, with a deep clean every 3 months. Consider hiring reputable service providers like Legacy Cleaning Services to ensure a thorough and efficient deep clean for your floors.


The kitchen is another high-traffic area that requires frequent deep cleaning. With food preparation, spills, and grease buildup, it can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

It is recommended to deep clean your kitchen every 1-2 weeks. This includes wiping down countertops and appliances, cleaning out the refrigerator and oven, and mopping the floor. Additionally, it’s essential to regularly clean your kitchen sink and drain to prevent clogs and hygiene issues.


Bathrooms are another high-moisture area that requires regular deep cleaning. From soap scum to mold and mildew, it’s important to keep these surfaces clean for both hygiene and aesthetic purposes.

You should deep clean your bathroom at least once a week, including scrubbing the shower or bathtub, wiping down countertops and mirrors, and disinfecting the toilet. Don’t forget to also clean out the shower drain and replace any moldy or mildewed shower curtains.


While bedrooms may not require as frequent deep cleaning as other areas of the house, it’s still essential to maintain a clean and dust-free environment for better sleep.

Deep cleaning your bedroom every 2-3 weeks should suffice. This includes vacuuming or mopping the floors, changing bed linens, and dusting surfaces and furniture.

Additionally, consider rotating and flipping your mattress every 3-6 months to prevent wear and tear and maintain its quality.

Living Spaces

Living rooms, dining areas, and other common spaces should also be deep cleaned regularly. These areas may accumulate dust and dirt from everyday use, as well as pet hair and stains.

Deep cleaning of these spaces every 2-4 weeks is recommended. This includes vacuuming or mopping floors, dusting surfaces, and home furniture, and spot cleaning any stains or spills.

Factors to Consider

While these are general guidelines for how often you should deep clean your modern bungalow house, certain factors may affect the frequency. These include:

  • Number of occupants in the house
  • Presence of pets
  • Allergies or respiratory issues
  • Amount of foot traffic in different areas

Consider adjusting your deep cleaning schedule based on these factors to ensure a clean and healthy home.

Deep Clean Your Modern Bungalow House Now

Deep cleaning your modern bungalow house every 1-3 months is recommended for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. However, remember to also consider factors that may affect the frequency of deep cleaning for different areas in your home. So, make sure to prioritize deep cleaning in your household chores for a happy and healthy home. Happy cleaning!

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