How Modern Construction Can Facilitate or Prevent Mould Growth

It is often assumed that older properties are vulnerable to mould as they are likely to have leaks, plumbing problems, and poor insulation and ventilation. But it is actually a common issue in new builds. It is typically caused by modern construction methods and the occupants’ use of the property. 

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that offers a range of cleaning services including mould removal services. Its mould specialists are accredited by Dewpoint Professional and will follow a nine stage remediation process to eliminate every trace of mould from your home. 

Read on to learn how modern construction methods can lead to mould growth and how to prevent this occurring.  

Water can enter the property during construction

Many builders quickly build properties during the autumn and winter months so it will be ready for the spring. These colder, wetter months can lead to water entering the building and making it damp. 

The construction envelope must be sealed to stop this happening, such as installing water-tight windows and roofs, and sealing openings. Dehumidifying equipment can also help dry material equipment and is particularly useful for builders under time constraints. 

Building materials can get damp

Damp wooden frames and subfloors can carry moisture and release it once inside a property. They must be dried out entirely and carefully to ensure this does not occur. Site storage should be covered, too, so rain and snow can’t fall onto the materials. 

Plastic sheets can keep materials dry but they must not be covered too tightly or moisture may get trapped which can also cause mould. 

A lot of water is used during construction

Concreting, bricklaying, and plastering can introduce lots of moisture into the property. Another major cause of mould in new builds is vapour barriers and basement studs being mounted when the foundation has not fully dried out. 

The property will eventually dry but it could take up to a year. Any rainwater getting into the property during construction can make this worse. 

Energy efficient properties are very vulnerable to mould

A lot of new properties are sealed tightly to keep out the heat and cold. However, this can also lead to moisture getting trapped in the property, such as any steam and humid air produced when washing and cooking. 

Owners of new builds must therefore find ways to minimise the amount of moisture they produce. This includes keeping the property ventilated, installing ventilation fans in the kitchen and bathroom, and using a dehumidifier to ensure humidity levels stay below 50%. 

ICE Cleaning’s mould cleaning services can quickly make your home mould-free and give you peace of mind that your property will be safe again. Its technicians are available nationwide, day and night, 365 days a year. 

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