Choosing Whole House Water System: 10-inch vs 20-inch

A whole-house water filtration system ensures clean and fresh water in every part of your home, whether the kitchen, laundry, or shower. However, before you purchase, it’s essential to ask, “What size whole house water filter do I need?”

Typically, the market presents two primary options for whole house systems: the 10-inch and the 20-inch cartridges. Each size has its benefits and drawbacks, influenced by factors like water usage, quality, space, budget, and maintenance. 

This article will comprehensively compare these two sizes to give you the insights needed to make an informed decision. Continue reading.

Understanding The Whole House Filter Sizing

Whole house water filter sizes are the dimensions of the filter cartridges inside the system. Standard sizes are 10-inch and 20-inch, referring to the length of the cartridges. The diameter, usually 2.5 inches or 4.5 inches, and the size of the housing that holds the cartridge are also part of the sizing. Understanding these numbers is crucial as they affect the system’s performance and how well it fits in your space.

A larger filter cartridge can provide more housing for the filter media, allowing it to trap and remove more contaminants from your water. This means it can handle a higher flow rate and last longer before needing replacement. 

10-Inch vs. 20-Inch Filters: Pros and Cons

Choosing between a 10-inch and 20-inch filter is vital for your house water filtration system. 10-inch filters are compact, budget-friendly, suitable for smaller homes, and easier to maintain. However, they may require more frequent cartridge replacements due to lower filtration capacity and may offer a lower flow rate affecting water pressure.

On the other hand, 20-inch filters have a higher filtration capacity and support better flow rates, ensuring good water pressure. They tend to last longer before needing a cartridge replacement. However, they require more space, are generally more expensive upfront, and may pose more challenging maintenance due to their larger size. 

Your choice between a whole house water filter 10 inch filter and a 20-inch whole-house water filter cartridge would depend on your home’s space, water usage, budget, and maintenance preferences.

10 Inch Whole House Water Filter

The 10 inch whole house water filter is designed for smaller spaces or homes. Below are its notable features:

  • Compact Size. Easily fits into limited spaces, making the installation less complex.
  • Budget-Friendly. Generally less expensive upfront, appealing to cost-conscious consumers.
  • Adequate Filtration. Provides a decent level of filtration for everyday water usage.
  • Lower Filtration Capacity. This may require more frequent cartridge replacements due to lower filtration capacity.
  • Reduced Flow Rate. The flow rate might be lower, which could affect water pressure in the home.

20 Inch Whole House Water Filter

The 20-inch whole-house water filter suits larger households or higher water consumption scenarios. Here are its key features:

  • Higher Filtration Capacity. Its larger size allows for a higher filtration capacity, reducing the frequency of cartridge replacements.
  • Better Flow Rate. Generally supports a higher flow rate, ensuring consistent water pressure throughout the home.
  • Longer Cartridge Lifespan. The cartridges tend to last longer before needing replacement due to the increased filtration capacity.
  • Increased Upfront Cost. Typically more expensive upfront due to its larger size and higher filtration capacity.
  • Requires More Space. The larger size necessitates more installation space and may be more cumbersome during maintenance tasks.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Whole House System Size

When deciding between whole-house cartridge sizes, several crucial factors come into play to ensure you make the right choice for your household:

1. Water Usage
The primary consideration is your household’s water demand. A small-sized purifier may suffice if you have a smaller family with modest usage. However, for larger families, homes with high water consumption, or those with simultaneous needs, the more extensive aquapure system offers the necessary capacity to meet demand.

2. Water Quality

Assess your H2O quality and the specific contaminants you need to target. If your liquid contains a wide range of impurities, the enhanced filtration performance of a 20-inch filter may be necessary to ensure the highest liquid quality. A 20-inch filter is considered an efficient sediment filter as well.

3. Space Availability

Take into account the available installation space in your home. A 10-inch filter is space-saving and fits well in tight spots, while a 20-inch filter requires more room. Ensure your chosen system can be comfortably accommodated within your existing plumbing setup.

4. Budget

Consider your budget, both upfront and long-term. While 10-inch filters are typically more affordable initially, 20-inch filters may provide cost savings over time due to their extended service life.

5. Maintenance Preferences

Think about your willingness and ability to perform maintenance. A 10-inch filter is easier to handle and maintain, making it a practical choice for DIY enthusiasts. In contrast, a 20-inch filter’s less frequent replacement might appeal to those seeking reduced maintenance tasks.


The choice between a 10-inch vs 20 inch water filter boils down to your specific needs and circumstances. A 10-inch filter suits smaller households, tight spaces, and budget-conscious individuals, offering efficiency and ease of maintenance.

On the other hand, a 20-inch filter is ideal for larger homes with higher liquid needs and superior filtration requirements, with extended service life. Consider your household’s requirements, water quality, space availability, budget, and maintenance preferences to choose the best whole-house FilterWay purifier size. 


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